Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Make Up

As it was my birthday a few weeks ago I went a little over board on buying some make up and brushes, normally I'd buy the high street brands like Bourjois, Rimmel or L'Oreal but I do own a Chanel and YSL lipstick which I bought as treats! I'm kind of annoyed to why I didn't buy the following any sooner because I cannot rate them highly enough.

Parka Life

Finally I've found a Parka coat I like, for a while I've been searching the net for one that isn't just cotton so when its wet I'll look like a drowned rat lol or a shiny look to it, to be honest it has been hard trying to find one.

Blush Pink

I had to pop out yesterday morning to post my #JoyfulJunePSBloggers parcel. The weather was looking a bit cloudy and was not as warm as yesterday. Trying to find something to wear was a little hard as my dad said it was suppose to brighten up. I was so eager to wear my new pink blush blazer I purchased from Primark last weekend whilst in London as it was not something I would normally purchase, as I normally stick to black and think I will jazz it up with accessorise. Since I have been blogging and looking at other peoples style it has made me realise I don't just have to wear black or dark colours I can wear different colours too. Not long ago I had purchased a pair of light wash jeggings from F&F which are super comfortable and stretchy as well which I find is a bonus and they only were £12 will have to be buying more! I never thought I would be ever buying a light pair of jeggings as I've always stuck with dark ones. I wore it with a simple black Asos Curve vest top and a pair light pink of sandals from Primark and my new cat eye sunglasses from River Island (my mum liked them so much she bought a pair but in a different colour!). Off I went posting my parcel I also though ah why not by a tripod for my DSLR camera, it would be so much easier taking pictures of outfits and to help with my photography a bit more as its something I really want to do more off. As soon as I got home it was straight out the bag and all set up to take a picture of my outfit that day. Below as you can see is my outfit using the tripod.


Ice coolers and shopping...

I've been in London this weekend (so happy!) which you will often see a post about, I just can't get enough of this city, never fails to amaze me. Once in a while when I'm here I have to make a trip to Westfields in Stratford to visit Victoria Secrets, not for the underwear but they do this brilliant deal with their VS Fantasies, you can get any 5 of them for just £30 but some are like nearly £13 on their own. With what I got today I saved £35 but they not all for me, a friend of mine has been asking me why I smell so nice at work and wanted me to get her some on my next trip. They have quite a few different ones to choose from and they all have the body lotions, shower gels, mini perfume perfect for your bag on a night out and more but I cannot remember right now! I didn't go over board with the main shopping as I couldn't really see anything that caught my eye plus I do find it hard plus size shopping, as not a lot of shops here really cater for a plus size and when it feels like there is not air con in this place it does not help. I did find a lovely light blush pink blazer from Primark (I will get a picture soon!) I thought it would be perfect for the summer and possibly go lovely with the Navy skater style dress I purchased from the Gok Wan Collection in Tu which I got for half price and looks gorgeous on. Also had to stop off and cool own and grab a Ice Mint Mocha from Costa to cool me down and worked a treat but I did later on buy the Red Berry Cooler which was my addiction last summer, I couldn't help it!


Relaxing afternoon with my girl

I woke up yesterday morning and I kind of made plans to spend some time with my Dad and Freddy (my Jack Russell) down the allotment and to see what progress my Dad and Mum has made in the last few months since taking it over from his Dad. I had some breakfast and was just catching up on some TV that I've missed and looked outside several times thinking I could do something else rather than go to the allotment (I have been putting it off for so long!). I messaged one of my friends and decided to go see her have a cheeky afternoon drink. The sun was shining bright but I had the whole monochrome idea in mind so looking through my wardrobe come across a black and white Aztec Skirt and a vest from Primark I bought when I was in London a few weeks ago and go add a little more white I used my new River Island White Laser Cut Out bag. The skirt is very comfortable but it does tend to rise up a bit !!

Catching up with some family

Yesterday I met up with my Nan I haven't seen her in a month which is not good but we decided to meet up in town get a couple bits and just have a catch up. We strolled through high street popped in a couple shops, I saw a few things I liked but I was looking for a blazer or pair of leggings or jeggings or jeans in a lighter colour (all I have is dark colours, mainly black!). I was happy to find a blazer, that I had been looking at online for a while, in New Look Inspire, I tried it on and it was perfect very comfortable and stretchy it wasn't the kind that made you feel restricted at all. I had to purchase it along with a grey and neon pink floral scarf, if you know me you know I love scarves! Also I had popped to Tesco's as I had no luck in the town centre with finding any leggings/jeggings and actually found some skinny jeggings in a light stone wash colour from the F&F section. I haven't got a picture of them yet but I'm sure you will see them soon on my Instagram, LOL! Later in the evening me and my Aunties, Nan and Cousin were invited to a friend of the familys for a few drinks which turned out to be a classic family get together. We all had such a laugh some drinks, dancing and talking about this summer. One thing that was mentioned, was about the Global Rhythm music in the park day that happens every year in Christchurch Park and this year its on 12th July from 1pm - 7pm. We had all been to last years and we all thoroughly enjoyed it but hadn't arranged anything between ourselves to take any food or set up a spot so we could sit instead of standing all day. We have decided for a few us to all make some food and make a day of it and have a picnic in the park and enjoy the music and hopefully it will be a beautiful day! So that is something I'm currently looking forward to in the summer.

Plus Size Blogger Marvellous May Instagram Challange

I was just browsing through some blogs and Instagram pages and came across this Plus Size Blogger Instagram challenge that was posted on @wanabeprincessuk page (PS thank you !!!). As its 1st of May I thought it would be a great little challenge for me as I enjoyed taking part in a December Photo Challenge last year. I will be posting the daily pics on Instagram .. Check it out JanayAndre and join in !

Plus Size Instagram Challenge

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The love for a shirt

Recently I have been seeing a few shirts about and the last few times I've been to London I've ended up buying a shirt (mostly from Primark). Shirts are so versatile and can be dressed up for a night out with a pair of heels and skirt or down with a pair of leggings or jeans and boots. I'm not sure why but I am now a bit of a sucker for a shirt and a long line cardigan an will soon be purchasing some jumpers too as winter is approaching very quickly!! So I think this season shirts will be my main thing. The other day I met up with a couple of my girls for a catch up and a bite to eat and with a new grid print shirt purchased the week before I just had to wear it I wanted to wear my light grey cardigan but as it was raining that wasn't a good idea so I quickly put on my zig zag jacket (here's something similar) and went. I kindly asked Nowara to get a few pictures in front of the random "?" by the docks and she gladly said yes! Thank you :)


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Saturday I was in London and I was happy to wake up outside of Ipswich for it and had breakfast cooked for me too!! I'd been shopping A LOT and it was safe to say (at the time) I think I was shopped out for a change which is so unlike me. I did buy a few things but I wasn't shopping for anything specific if I'm honest but I do need a couple new outfits as I'm going out at the end of the month but I have plenty of time. I made my way back to the station where I bought this cookies and cream waffle, it was AMAZING! Waffle with melted chocolate, whipped cream and mini Oreos ahhh, I want another one! Anyway enough of food talk lol I made my way back to Ipswich. My aunties and uncles were coming round for a few drinks and something to eat and not long after I got back from London they came over. We all had such a laugh an a joke and everyone loved the food my Dad had cooked. Was a really good night and I managed to get a selfie with everyone!!


Beauty Buys of October

Sorry this is a little late as I've got the week off I have been catching up on a couple things. Octobers beauty buys isn't going to be as extravagant compared to Novembers post which will be up later this month (I've been a little naughty lol). I had to purchase Lush's Ayesha Fresh Face Mask again, see review here, it's just simply amazing and would recommend it to anyone. In my previous post I got a new bag for my birthday so I had to get a nail varnish to match and found that Barry M do this perfect matte colour in Crush, I've uploaded a pic on my Instagram, check it out >>>. Avon do this MagiX Multi Benefit Illuminator (beige) which I've been looking for some kind of high lighter for a while. When it came I wasn't all that impressed with it, it was just glittery which is not what I wanted right now, I may use it in the future you never know when you have to dress up for something. As Halloween was coming up I needed some dark eye shadows, Kohl eyeliner and a new application brush, so I bought Beauty Uk's Smokey Eye Pallet, 17's Perk and Paint Eyeliner and Wilkinson's Smokey Eye Duo Brush, the brush was so soft and was applied it brilliantly. Some of you may not know but I actually dye my hair, it is dark but I prefer it real dark and seeing as I had to dress up as Wednesday Adams (and my birthday was coming up) it did need doing. I use XXL Live Bitter Sweet Chocolate (no89), it last so long and I find that the XXL colours actually stick to my hair unlike some others I've tried in the past. My bargain of the month was in Sainbury's they had the mini Astral creams for only 50p!!


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Early Birthday Present

A few weeks ago (maybe a month or two ago now) my very good/best friend Nowara bought me a early birthday present, a new bag from Accessorize (see here). I was sooo excited even though my birthday is not until 1st November. Everyone that knows me know that I love a bag and as soon as I saw this one I fell in love. Its a burgundy colour which I keep seeing all over the high street this season and I can't wait to use it more, it also comes in other colours too. Since I got it I've used it a couple times and it is so spacious, it fits my iPad, notebook, umbrella and my little make up bag the only thing is my purse is just so big for the bag it fits but I've had to buy a smaller purse which isn't a bad thing because it takes up a lot of space in all my bags. It has two outer zip compartments and one inner, it can be carried over you arm or shoulder (as it has an additional strap) so its very versatile for me. I'm currently in London at the moment shopping as its my birthday tomorrow !! Yay and I'm using this bag and I have been shopping for hours now and it's not hurting my arm or anything it's just perfect and my nails match it too !!!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wednesday Addams

Me and my family were invited to a fancy dress Halloween/birthday party last night, at first I didn't really want to dress up but as we were all talking I decided I would. As I have long hair dark hair my dad has often joked around and said that I should dress up as Morticia Addams which I was going to but I could really find a long black dress then I realised I had a dress which was kind of similar to Wednesday Addams and thought perfect. The dress I have had for well over a year and I've never worn it and was such a bargain as I bought it for less then £10 from AX Paris Curve (I think they have disappeared now?), paired with some 200 denier tights from Primark (so comfortable too!) and my military style boots and of course my new cute River Island Mini Structured Bag. I had been watching YouTube make up tutorials for Wednesday mainly for the eyes as I wasn't too sure how to do them and I had foundation and concealers that can make my face look paler. I bought this Beauty UK's eye shadow and liner but I didn't use the brush included I just used a Smokey Eye Duo Brush and for the base I used Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Concealer the used Lush's Light Yellow foundation and to top it off and keep it all matte (also my favourite beauty product) Inglot's Mattifying Loose Powder. We all finally finished our make up and costumes and oh my we all looked amazing and we had such a good night. We woke this morning and was just laughing so much with how everyone looked so good.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Ooh Check Me and My New Glasses

You may think why have I posted about some new glasses I bought but I've really been looking forward to getting them. Since I was in college (at least 4 years ago) I've worn the same glasses and I've been wanting to update the frames for so long now I feel they are outdated for me personally. My eye sight has changed slightly and I needed a new prescribed pair and as I was in Specsavers they asked if I wanted to look for some. They were very helpful (but I did feel like I was passed from person to person) and the lady that assisted me choosing them told me straight up which suited me and which didn't. As some of you may know they have 2 for 1 on their designer range, I thought hey why not :). I wanted a black pair and a pair with colour or something a little different, the only downfall was I needed a pair that suited the shape of my face that left me a bit short on selection. We found a perfect black framed Karl Largerfeld and a purple pair of Tommy Hilfiger's. I finally picked them up Friday and I'm soooo happy I finally have a new pair of glasse well two hehe. They look a lot better them my previous ones and I've had some nice compliments too but It's quite strange because my mum isn't sure on the purple ones but my dad likes them and she preferes the black ones but my dad isn't quite thinking the same. Oh well I love them both they will have to get use to them lol.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lush : Ayesha Review

Last month I bought Lush's Fresh Face Mask Ayesha, I wanted to try something that would be a benefit to my skin and not just something to put on for the fun of it. There was so much to choose from I was like a kid in a candy store. I was reading the little boards above the products and was trying to decide when a staff member came over asked if I needed any help? I asked for two samples one of Ayesha and Love Lettuce but was a bit shocked when I was told "no because there wouldn't have enough in the sample pot to cover your face properly" but I was confused as I was given a sample of a face mask before in one. In the back of my mind I thought it was a sample no samples are ever a suitable size and it was there was of getting people to spend money buy buying the full size. Anyway moan over she was asking me what my needs were for wanting to try them and told me the difference between them both. Out of them she had recommended Ayesha reason being is my skin is combination and is prone to spots as it has witch hazel in this will help but the sometimes where I get the dryness the Honey will help stop the dry patches. After my first use my mum noticed a difference she was just a bit like "Ooh your face looks a bit different", since then I had used it at least once a week, leave it on for 10-30 minutes depending how much time I have. I have used this after a heavy night out and it perks your face right up and I've been getting less spots too. I am now on my second pot, they last roughly a month, even with the colder weather slowly creeping up on us I hoping them benefits will still be apparent and just as good.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Catch Up Friday

I haven't been feeling very well for a few days but I had planned earlier in the week to catch up with Nowara which was much needed, in the evening. I was up early on Friday which was unusual as it was my day off, I'd straightened my hair (which seems to take forever!) slowly got ready and I had to go into town to get a couple things then come back to meet my mum before we went food shopping. By the time we got home it wasn't long before I had to go back out again, it felt like I was on the go all day which was a good thing. The sun was shining very bright and surprisingly wasn't really that cold which was a good thing but I still wore my black lace up boots which now I love wearing super comfortable with a Asos Curve black swing top and my New Look Inspire Blazer during the day but later changed into my "leather" jacket from River Island as I knew it would get cold. Anyway we met up at my favorite place Cult, I hadn't been for a while and it's not overly expensive. We had a few drinks and something to eat (I had the food in the top left of the picture and Nowara had the naughty Waffles and Ice Cream) and a well deserved catch up. Was lovely evening ...


Monday, 6 October 2014

Greige Skies Are Upon Us

Well the weather has certainly changed compared to yesterday! It was only yesterday that I was wearing sandals and I woke up today and the sky was just grey. I do like autumn but this has come suddenly in a way even tho it is now October, I think I'm just upset no more sandals lol. Now the colder weather is coming about I just keep thinking more Costa trips on my days off and catch up with my friends and movie days I'm just looking forward to it all (sad I know but oh well lol). After today I think it's now time to change from the bright nail colours to more darker and berry colours to start it all off I've decided to go with Sally Hansen's Greige.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Not So Random Trip To London

All week I had been thinking do I go London or not? Well come Friday I decided yes, there really isn't much of a persuasion for me to go cause I would be there every weekend if I could. Browsing along Oxford Street early evening is something I just love to do and as the evenings are getting darker quicker I'm more excited (strange I know!Lol). Each time I have to go into Primark cause you never know what bargains you will come out with. Winter is certainly on its way, I was seeing a lot of jumpers and big thick cardigans everywhere. If I had space in my bad I so would have bought a new cardigan. Everytime I'm in London I judge the weather wrong, surprisingly it was still quite warm I could have done with wearing a thinner jacket by I was dying to wear my new River Island Zig Zag Jacket. On Saturday I decided to take a little wonder, found Tower Of London along the way and took the tube to South Kensington to visit one of my favourite places V&A. I've been going there since I went college and I still love it! Only downfall was the underground was so busy as they had planned works but it doesn't matter when your in London lol.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beauty Buys of September

This month I'm not sure if I had been OTT with buying or not but I did had a bit of a moment in Lush with Daniel we both needed something to relax us. I've always been a fan of their products, this time I went for a bath bomb (Dragons Egg), bubble bar (Sunnyside) and a fresh face mask (Ayesha). That night I'd run a bath applied the Ayesha face mask which has a earthy smell to it and popped in the Dragons egg and just watched it fizz and crackle away. I kept the face mask on for about 15-30 minutes as recommended by the lady in store. After I'd taken it off my mum said straight away my skin looks a lot better, clearer and healthier. Of course I was thrilled with the result and knew that I will be buying this and using at least once a week. I'm yet to use Sunnyside but I'm sure there I'll upload a pic on my instagram :)

As soon as I tried this L'Oréal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti Redness I was in amazed of what the affects, my mum even tried it and was impressed with it. It’s such a light weight finish but brilliant affects without feeling like your covered in make-up I think but anyway I won’t go into too much details read the full review here.

I did buy a few nail products this month and not just nail varnishes either! Sometimes when I'm on the go carrying nail varnish remover and the cotton pads can just take up unnecessary space in my bag so whilst I was in London I bought Quickies Nail VarnishRemover Pads. I've seen these around before and have been reluctant about them thinking they wouldn't be as good. Well they are better then what I thought they would be even though they are a little greasy but they still done the job. Wah Nails have launched some products through Boots, Wah London, one of them is this Clean Up Brush, I'm often making mistakes and now this can stop! Lastly I bought this Pretty Pink Heart Varnish, I did buy it because it was very cute looking and when feeling extra girly I can add a couple hearts on my nails.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Last Wedding Of The Year

Last night me and my parents were invited to a wedding reception last night and it's the last wedding of the year for me to attend to (don't know if I can do anymore shopping trying to find outfits!). Earlier this year I had bought this lovely skater dress from Gok Wan's collection for Tu at Sainburys. When I tried it on I was in love, it is so comfortable and you don't feel restricted in any way at all and is very flattering as my mum kept saying. As it was a little cold to wear on its own I put on this white long line jacket I recently purchased from Primark. It was a good job I did wear it because the venue thought it would be a good idea to have the air con on full blast! I kept my jewellery to a minimum with a knuckle ring and a oversized pair of studs (no longer available) and my white laser cut out underarm bag, all from River Island. I went for comfort with footwear and put on a pair of flat sandals.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

20% off River Island from Elle Magazine

Elle magazine have teamed up with River Island and given 20% off to its readers for use in store and online being that I'm often purchasing items from there I had to buy the magazine. Its £4 for the magazine but if your like me you could buy everything in the store you could save yourself quite a bit of money. Earlier this year they had a black jersey blazer which I wanted so badly but they sold out in my size and in my local store. I did email the customer service but they were unhelpful. Recently I've had my eye on this black zig zag jacket which I know would go perfect with everything and a new leopard print purse my current one just seems to takw up so much space in my bags. I'm a little excited as I've seen so many clothes I want from their site I want its hard to control the urge!


Monday, 15 September 2014

L'Oréal CC Cream Anti-Redness

Recently when I go out on my days off I have been feeling a little conscious of my skin (face) as my cheeks can be a little red and unevan and I feel just urgh at times. I don't want to cover my face in concealer and foundation as I hate caking my skin blocking my pores and looking like I have added a layer of plaster on my face. The three foundations I own are No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation, Lush Little Yellow and Benefits Play Stick, obviously I do not use all three at the same time but I find they don't cover the redness so much. I had seen the L'Oréal CC creams the one that caught my eye was the Anti-Redness, they also do Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Dullness. I tried a small bit on my hand was a little shocked as it came out green but as I was rubbing it in the colour came out and you could definitely see the difference. To say the least I was amazed and straight away though yes I need to buy this! I have since used this a few times and just love the results. It's typical that the day I take a before and after my skin is not as red as it has been !



Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Girl With The Red Lips

Daniel once again has done it to me and got me to go out on Thursday night. As usual I have a panic on what to wear. I've had a bit of a long week back at work after having time off and I didn't feel to dress up too much I wanted it casual but a little dressy kind of. I wore my black mesh panel leggings from ASOS, long sleeve black shirt from Primark and my New Look sandals (unfortunately no longer in stock).

One thing I did love was my hair and make up, I curled the ends and just before I left I went a little crazy with TRESemmé Texture Style Divine Definition Spray and some hair spray to keep the curls in place and they certainly lasted even till the next day! For my make up I used the Benefit's Pore Professional as a base/primer, then L'Oreal Paris CC Cream in Anti Redness to try even out my skin tone (I will be writing a post about this in more detail). I used Inglot Mattifying Loose Powder in the white to just keep my face from going shiny, whenever I'm out and about this is a key item I have in my bag! Of course I have to use Benefit's They're Real Mascara to add onto my eyes as I do really wear eye shadow. Red lips was a must but I'm still trying to find that perfect shade of red instead of mixing two together. I based my lips with the No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Grace and the topped it with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Hot Pepper and I loved it.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Beauty Buys of August

A couple months ago it was Nowara's birthday and I bought her a couple things from Soap and Glory as I know she loves them, so then I decided to buy some myself as I'd tried hers previously. As Boots do the 3 for 2 on the miniatures I thought why not, I got the Endless Glove, Hand Food and Mist You Madly. I am loving the mist spray, its a different day to day spray to what I'd normally use but its nice to have variety. The Hand Food cream is good, it doesn't make your hands feel greasy at all and is great to use daily. I haven't yet used the Endless Glove cream yet but my Mum has and said she loves it!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

For a few months I have been planning to go to Carnival but was unsure what day I was going on or anything. In the end me and my two aunties and nan decided to go. We had been looking at the weather until the morning we was leaving and it was just showing pure rain the whole day non stop. It was sure to be right because we got soaked but that did not stop us. We had set off from Ipswich from early due to there being rail works on part of the journey we got to London Liverpool street and got our underground ticket and set off. We had to buy rain macs to try keep us dry a bit more, it did work to a point. My feet were drenched to the point I was squelching as I was walking but hey it was funny we all was squelching. We did have a laugh besides the weather, had some drinks danced in the rain. Unfortunately I did not get many pics because of the rain but I did manage to get selfies with the family lol...


Monday, 25 August 2014

Lunch date with my mum and auntie

On Friday me, my mum and auntie (Dolly) met up for lunch and went to this absolutely amazing placed called Mizu (Noodle Bar) in the town centre. I could go there all the time the food is just amazing!! It was quite strange as we all got the same main which is the Mizu Noodle Combo, these Kansui Noodles with roast duck, roast pork and crackling pork drizzled in a sweet soya sauce... to die for *drools*. After we had popped into a couple shops mainly because Dolly had wanted some kind of comfortable shoes for Nottinghill Carnival. We popped to Primark as we always do and they are getting some lovely items in for next season so much I can't wait for it. I had seen this black and white print scuba material long line jacket, it woud be just perfect for the autumn and I think I may have to get it this week? seeing as this weather is just changing for the worst too soon. It sounds mad strange being that we are still in August but I am kind of looking forward to the Autumn, staying home or popping out but to somewhere warm and cosey with a hot chocolate or something.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Tropical Evening

I've been wanting to write this post for the last couple days but I haven't been feeling well for a few days (still feeling like poo). My auntie had called me to tell me she had made some Jamaican Patties and that they were "wicked" and to pop round and get some (and they were so tasty!). Well I didn't make it round till evening as my mum came home from work and we had a bit of a catch up as I hadn't really seen her for a couple days. I do love to spend time with my Mum and just talk about everything and we try to do something once a month, either go shopping or for a bite to eat and we're doing something this Friday :)! After the A Confident Me On The Rise? post I just wanted to wear something a little different and for some reason I really wanted to put some eyeliner on which I haven't done a cat flick in years. I bought this Tropical print dip hem long sleeved shirt from Primark a couple months back but I was a little scared to wear such a bold print because I normally stick to just block colours. I thought to myself no just wear it and I did with a pair of black stretchy trousers and I loved it. My mum was in a little shock I think because I had a little make up on (just to even out my skin tone) but was not caked and a print shirt, she actually kept saying how nice I looked in the middle of conversation a few times lol  but then my dad said I looked like someone from the 80's? They had these dip hem shirts in a few different colours which I have in the black and a cobalt blue (at a bargain price of £5!) they go with anything, they can be dressed up or down but I do find the sizing in Primark is such a hit and miss to the point I actually sized down in it. I'm really sorry that the pictures are not that clear, unfortunately my auntie's kitchen is not the greatest for lighting.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Beauty buys of July

Another month and I can't help but buy beauty bits and as usual I get a majority of them from boots (so I get my points!). Browsing through Instagram and magazines seeing what nail colours are big, I found myself looking for a bright orange but not a neon one and a lilac, just a soft pastel colour.  At the moment I'm really liking Barry M's Gelly High Shine collection, so I chose the Satsuma and Prickley Pear (this is such a random name for it I know, but on Boots website its just called lilac?). They are both lovely colours but I would recommend applying two coats for it to last longer. I did get a little addicted to wearing the Satsuma as the weather was so nice and I wanted my nails to stand out, I think there is a picture on my insta if not I will get one soon of them both!

I'd seen a review in Company's May/Junes Magazine for the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks saying how they do not dry out your lips which I find with a lot of lipsticks after time they dry my lips out which can be so annoying especially when I'm out. I must say I have not been out properly and worn either of them yet but I have tried them on when lazing around the house to see how they look on and I'm absolutely in love with the two that I picked Hot Pepper and Olé Flamingo. I wanted fun and flirty colours with a matte'ish finish for the day time but could also be used at night, so far so good. On the left is Hot Pepper and the right is Olé Flamingo

Over a month ago me and Nowara had seen in TK Maxx this Ionika Cheetah Brush, I was definitely in need of a new one as the handle on my kept coming off and was very annoying even when picking it up I'd forget and one half would just go flying across my bed. Anyway straight away she said this is so me and that you had to buy it, I did hesitate and a few weeks later I went back and got it! It's so cute and is so me (if you know me I love leopard print). I couldn't find the exact one I purchase but they do have it in a purple version.

I did have to stock up on a few daily products I use and love, which included Garnier Pure Active Anti Spot (see review post here), Palmers Cocoa Butter and Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash. I've found this face wash so far brilliant, it cleans my skin of the dirt that baby wipes cant get rid of and just makes your skin feel fresh. I use it every morning and in the before I go bed (if I can remember that is). I picked up Elle's August magazine and it came with a free gift, love a freebie lol, of Malin + Goetz samples it included: lip moisturiser, cleanser and moisturiser. So far I have only tried the lip moisturiser and I was a little shocked, it was thick at first and felt gooey and I thought great sticky and horrible but I gave it a chance before wiping it off so I kept it on and surprisingly it kept my lips moisturised and they were so soft in the morning. So in the future if I can get away from the Eos and Vaseline limited editions I may give this a go.



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Confident Me On The Rise?

I just wanted to share this outfit with you all quickly. Last Thursday I got a little dressed up and me and a friend of mine (Daniel) went out very last minute. I was rummaging through my wardrobe in a panic on the phone to Daniel throwing mini hissy fits because I couldn't find anything to wear. He was telling me to wear this Kimono I got from River Island about 3/4 yeas ago (which he was with me when I bought it). Then it suddenly clicked I'll wear my Black Midi Body Con Dress with Short Sleeves from Asos Curve and my new Block Peep Toe Heels from New Look. The ones I purchased have since sold out but here is some very similar. The material (of the dress) perfect it's not too thick and not too thin and see through and it is quite long which is what I like. I loved my outfit so much and I felt confident with myself in what I was wearing and so happy and thought I don't have to be smaller size in order for me to feel good on the inside as well as the outside! I just keep reminding myself to just be happy!!



Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wedding no2

The weekend just gone was a little busy I had been in London Thursday and Friday and trying to find an outfit for Chanelle and Lee's wedding reception which was on Saturday. Before leaving for London I did have a browse through the high street but had no luck, the New Look Inspire section in Ipswich is not very good to be honest it just seems like they just get the frumpy looking things in, the do have the odd nice thing but you do have to search!! Anyway I was so happy to be in London to get away and do what I love SHOP. To be fair I did not know what I wanted to wear dress, trouser/skirt and top, I had gone to Westfields Stratford knowing they have a goodish selection of shops that have a reasonable amount of shops that cater for plus size. Browsing through the shops I ended up purchasing a top and skirt from New Look Inspire which is typical! I bought a Black Floral Print Skirt which is something that I can wear into the next season as the floral is on a dark background and can be easily switched from a summery outfit to a more autumn. The material on the skirt was so comfortable it wasn't tight and fitted me so well I actually went a size down as I didn't want it to look and be big. Along with the skirt I purchased a Pink V Neck Cami, the material seems a little different compared to the black one I already have but I still liked it. When it came to the wedding and actually getting ready I decided to wear the skirt with the Black Cami and took my Midi Black Cardigan (I love black too much I know!). In the end I didn't need the cardigan till very late in the evening. 


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Puppy Love

I finished work last Thursday and could not wait to just relax for the weekend, I had planned nothing and just wanted to relax and catch up on some magazines and TV I haven't watch all week and go for a stroll through the High Street with my Mum on the Friday. Well Thursday evening me and my parents were just generally talking and we decided to send the lady we had got our dog Freddy from to give her a little update on how he's doing. We have had talks in the past about getting another dog mainly so Freddy has a friend. A few emails and pictures went back and forth and she told us that Freddy's mother had given birth to another litter about 7 weeks ago (but with a different father). We was all shocked and had seen the picture of the three boys she had left (I did pick one as soon as I see the picture) and immediately agreed to take a drive to see them on Saturday. Me and my mum's plans had slightly changed for the Friday we still had a casual stroll but we had to buy a whole load of puppy things. It was exciting as I do remember when we first got Freddy in April 2013 he's such a joy and everyone loves him. Saturday came and me and my Dad had taken a 45 minute drive through some beautiful country side to visit the little puppies. They were all too cute and we could have taken them all home but we didn't, we eventually chose and it was the one I picked from the picture on Thursday! We named him Bobby, he slept so peacefully on the way home of course I had to take a couple snaps for Snapchat. Mum and Freddy were waiting patiently for us and not long after we got back my friend Sharna came round to see the new addition and then my grandparents came over, he certainly got loads of cuddles. Its crazy how well he has settled in and made it up the stairs already, he's going to take a little more trainng then Freddy but we will get there !!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Caribbean Music Day Global Rhythm 2014

A while back me and my aunties and nan had decided we would go to the Caribbean music in the park day Ipswich on 12th July. The weather did not look that great in the morning it was still very warm but cloudy. Of course later in the day it was a beautiful sunny hot day which I did not really wear the right clothes for as I had a pair of really thick black Ponte trousers on. We all just about got through to heat but we all very much enjoyed ourselves and having a few drinks watching the performances which were very entertaining and even one of my aunties was up on stage in a tiny winey competition but they were all too good and were all winners (even tho my auntie should have won!). Its always lovely when me and my family get together as we always have such a laugh. The only downfall is that it finishes way too early when everyone is happy and enjoying themselves it seems to stop. After we had gone back to my aunties and then gone to a friend of the families for a some more drinks and laugh and a joke. By the end of the night I was certainly ready for my bed my feet were aching but it didn't help I had worn new sandals! Here's a collage of a few pics from throughout the day..

Monday, 21 July 2014

My weekend with my auntie's

My auntie (Dolly) had asked me to come over on Friday afternoon for a little catch up and we was going round a friend of hers for a small BBQ and a few drinks. We had a good catch up on everything even though I did see her the weekend before! As the weather was so beautiful I opted for my green and black dip hem dress I bought a few years ago in George Asda, its such a comfortable dress (I did forget to get a picture of me in it got carried away!) We had such a laugh that evening a carried onto her friends were it carried on.. All evening the weather was bliss it did not get cold at all even so we actually walked home early hours of Saturday morning lol. We went back to my aunties and she reminded me to come round to her on the Saturday for pre drinks as we were going to a wedding with my other auntie (Lisa). The forecast for Saturday was rain and thunderstorms I was not impressed I had planned to wear a red/coral dress. Luckily the weather was hot and sunny so I stuck to what I had planned to wear my Coral/Red New Look dip hem dress, Ted Baker Jelly Bow Sandals and myRiver Island White Laser Cut Underarm Bag. I arrived at Dolly's around half 6ish and see Lisa had made her way there as well. We had a couple starting drinks, finishing off our nails and trying to cool down and we was off. I had many compliments on the dress. I met my friend Daniel there as well who looking very smart in his White Blazer. We had a good catch up laughing, joking, drinking and dancing of course. I did manage to get a selfie (in the toilets) but couldn't get a full length one :( (sorry if its unclear!). The main thing was we all enjoyed ourselves and typically me and Daniel were the last ones to leave!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beauty buys of June

Hello Darling's

Throughout June I have been shopping a little more only purely because I need to update my wardrobe as summer is very closely approaching. With that in mind I thought I'm going to have to update/renew my beauty products (ie make up, fragance etc). A friend of mine recommended I visit the No7 counter in Boots as I had mentioned that I wanted a new foundation and as they do the Match Made Service. I have oily combination skin and was looking for something that will give me coverage but not too much and too heavy on my skin, the lady advised to try the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation. She applied the Cool Beige and I loved it! the coverage it gave without looking too much and fake. I got a new Foundation brush, from No7 as well but as I bought two items from No7 I got a free gift, which was a set of miniatures, inside was a mascara, BB lips, nail varnish and a eye shadow, perfect on the go. Everytime I paint my nails I never know which one to choose, so far I've added Barry M Gelly High Shine in Passion Fruit, its such a vibrant colour and Essie in Not Just A Pretty Face which is a pretty colour, to the collection. Both are quick drying which is a must to me these days. I've read in a few different places over time that lip scrubs are good obviously for getting rid of dry skin which I notice more when I apply lipstick. The only place I have seen them is in Lush, I thought I'd give it a try so I got the Bubblegum one, it smells 'Lush' and its edible too!! And a little charity hand/body cream pot. My trip earlier this month to London doing some light shopping included going to Victoria Secrets to stock up on some of of their body mist/sprays my two favourite have to have are the Amber Romance and Pure Seduction (I've had many compliments! but I found another one Sensual Blush. They all smell amazing, so if you get a chance pop in! I think thats all I bought .... for now (hehe!)


Monday, 9 June 2014

Garnier Pure Active Review

I've been looking for a moisturiser to use day and night that doesn't make my skin feel greasy and clogged up for quite a while now I've gone through a fair few and yet to find something that helps until now. I had been using Lush's Vanishing cream for a while and at first I thought it was brilliant but after a while I had noticed it was leaving my skin a greasy and would become shiny throughout the day and as soon as I'd get home I would often get some tonner water on a cotton pad and remove the grease and dirt. I have a oily combination skin and struggle to find something that's the right balance for my skin. I've never really thought of using Garnier products but I had often seen adverts on the TV and happened to be in Boots one day and they had some of the Garnier Pure A selection on offer. I was stood there for quite a while reading on what ones done which and what I think would be best. I picked up two, I thought I'd do a day and night and test it over a period of time. As my night one I purchased the Garnier Pure Active Anti Spot 24hr Moisturiser and for the day Garnier Skin Naturals Pure A Anti-Imperfection Moisturiser.


Friday, 25 April 2014

Lunch, shopping and coffee!!

Friday is here finally here and I'm meeting up with Nowara for some lunch/coffee and a well deserved catch up it's been a few weeks since I had seen her last. My morning was a little busy a few things had to be done before leaving my house but the main thing was what do I wear?! It was a little frustrating trying to figure out what to wear with the weather being cloudy but trying to brighten up and predicted to rain all afternoon and not cold. I decided to choose a pair of black ponte leggins which are just super comfortable (Matalan), a berry swing vest (H&M) and my favourite purchase this year (so far), my River Island check duster jacket. Which the outfit worked out perfect, it tried to rain but didn't last long, phew! We got some lunch and done a little shopping (I promise) and finished off with a coffee and of course talking about everything! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Best Hair Oil Yet !

I was recommended a while back to try out this Fantasia IC Brazilian Hair Oil Keratin Treatment by a very good friend of mine Daniel, who does my hair from time to time also a hairdresser of course LOL! He gave me a couple samples of it to try and some Nice and Curly Same Day Repair Cremé and I confess I had forgotten about them for a few weeks!! I finally remembered to use the Brazilian Hair Oil after washing my hair one day, I put a smaller than a pea sized amount in my hand, tipped my head forward and just massaged it in, concentrating on the ends of my hair. The smell is just heavenly. I try not to put too much oil\serums in my hair as I tend to make it look greasy at times. I noticed after I blow dried my hair how soft it was, at that point I was not finished with my hair I then straightened it. After I had finished (finally!) I just ran my fingers through my hair it felt soft and smooth and most important it looked healthier which is what I need after the winter. I also use this when I want to have my hair wavy/curly, I do the same when it's towel dried I massage it in but I will a little more (to stop the frizz) and use the Nice and Curly Same Day Repaire Cremé and braid or style as desired. I was slowly getting through them and I was thinking for a while I need to purchase some as this is becoming a must have air product. I have spent a lot of time and money in the past looking for the right serum for when I have my hair straight and I thought I found it when I purchased the John Freida Frizz Ease Serum but I would often stock up on them when Boots have the 3 for 2 offer but now since using the Brazilian Hair Oil I have noticed the difference in my hair. Being that this is not your standard hair product you would get in your local high street shop I thought I would have to do a bit of research to find it but luckily Daniel had already told me a shop known as Julie Shop stocks it or you can purchase it online. There is a few other shops that stock Fantasia IC products but not all of them stock this one. Priced at around £6/7 the bottle size is 171ml (odd measurement I know) I think its very good value for money as I know it will last me and keep me going at least till the end of summer. Hope this helped anyone or persuaded them to get some ! x 


Friday, 11 April 2014

Mama Mia an Tea at the Ritz.. Amazing!!

Yesterday I started my day by waking up at 7am and I was not impressed as it was my day off but it as for a good cause as myself, my Mum and Nan were going to my favourite city, London, in celebration of my Nan's 70th Birthday. Surprisingly I was ready and packed to go by 9:45, for anyone who knows me this is an achievement as I'm not normally ready on time! But I do make it wherever I'm going (how I don't know! LOL). I was struggling so much to even pack my suitcase as we all know this British weather can be deceiving and change all of a sudden but I saw it was sunny in the morning and was warmish I braved it and decided to dig a pair of my Ted Baker sandals out from under my bed and seize the moment! We arrived in London Liverpool Street just after midday and then made our way on the underground to Holborn and then a short walk to our hotel, in Covent Garden. By the time we got out of the tube station it was a warm and sunny day and it was perfect as we heard the weather going to be terrible next week? We got a quick bite to eat the had to get refreshed and ready to make our way to the show which was due to start at 3pm. 

I had two outfits planned but I opted for a sleeveless black midi dress with a red Aztec kimono (River Island) pair of flat black shoes for comfort as we was walking to the Novello Theatre from the hotel and we was not exactly too sure how long it would take us. We arrived in plenty of time bought a programme for souvenir and then went to find our seats. The show was absolutely amazing, the singing and dancing. There was many naughty gestures and funny bits, it will certainly keep you entertained! As it was all our first time we did not know what to expect but I will certainly be seeing shows in the future! The only downfall is the seating as I am slightly taller for a female there was no leg room and being sat down for so long and pretty much no space to move around it did become a little uncomfortable.

After the show we made our way to Leicester Square station (as Covent Garden was closed) to then make our way to Green Park to have Tea at the Ritz. We arrived super early so we decided to pop to a coffee shop just to get a drink whilst we waited. When it got closer to our Tea sitting I changed my shoes and opted for a pair of black court heels instead of the flat shoes. It was very frustrating walking in the heels as they kept getting caught in the cracks of the pavement and nearly lost my heels a few times which my mum and nan found this funny. We walked in and it was just stunning lost for words the décor was just simply beautiful just as you step into the Tea Room there was a gentleman playing the piano which just completed it. We were seated and had a chance to take it all in and see what teas were available. I went with one of my favourite teas Rooibos Red Tea, another gentleman came but with our perfectly cut sandwiches and a few cakes, then our tea arrived and they poured us all our first cup. Later they brought out freshly made scones which were still warm and some clotted cream and jam, they were amazingggg!! We enjoyed several cups of our chosen tea, sandwiches and cake and scones which was more than enough and I should have ate but I was in the Ritz it had to be done. Once we finished I decided to put my flat shoes back on and we made our way back to the hotel we was all drained after such a long day but we did manage to have a glass of wine or two to finish the day off in style.

Overall Thursday was a very enjoyable day ! Will definetely recommend this to anybody but maybe do them on seperate days..

Friday, 4 April 2014

A Casual Friday In Suffolk

This is my first ever blog post as you can see lol, well here goes ... I've spent my Friday with my BFF Nowara (as most Friday's are spent with her), strolling through our town and visiting Christchurch Mansion, which I have not been there in years and then ending up in the beautifully relaxing Cult Café/Bar on the Waterfront. The weather hasn't been too great today like it has been previously but im glad the rain did not make a show as I wanted to get out and take some pictures and try pursue with the photography as it's something I really enjoy a lot. Heres a few snaps from the day. 

Me browsing through Christchurch Mansion 

Christchurch Mansion and Chinese Beef and Fried Mushrooms and Chips (Cult Café/Bar)
Enjoy x
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