Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Beauty favourites over the last couple months

For a while now I haven't written a “Beauty purchases of” post which is not like me and I am sorry for this! I think part of it is I have been impressed with the Glossy Boxes that have been sent recently I haven't really purchased anything new. If you are wondering what Glossybox is, it's basically a box full of beauty products and not all of them are miniatures! A couple/few full size items and trying new brand and products is always exciting. They recently done a Nars special edition which was just amazing! I will try shortly to go through contents and write a post or a quick video. Since late August here are a few items I purchased and have been using quite a lot and will continue to use throughout this season.

Sorry this will not stay in the centre!


Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Birthday!!!

It was my birthday on Sunday so since I finished work at 12 Thursday I had literally not stopped until Sunday/Monday. As me and my best friend Sharna do we celebrate our birthdays for the whole weekend sometime even two weekends because our birthdays are 5 days apart and its become a tradition we do something together.

So when I finished work Thursday, I straight away went into the town centre and got my hair cut, it desperately needed a trim and my non existent fringe cutting back in. So with my hair cut I went for a browse but surprisingly I could not find anything I liked, I just left and headed home. Later in the evening I decided I was going London for the night as I do.
I woke up Friday thinking I would do a bit of brief shopping in London before I leave mainly because I was going out in Ipswich that night and it was my birthday weekend I wanted something new. Disappointingly I could not find anything and what I did see I knew I would be able to buy in Ipswich. I went home sad and hungry lol. When it came to choosing an outfit for the night that was stress, I knew Sharna was coming round for pre drinks but I was in a panic as nothing was going right for me, my hair was taking forever and my make up (don't go there). She came with a bottle of wine luckily by this point I had minimal but my going out make up done just needed her opinion on the outfit which I went for all black (that's totally not like me lol). We had a good night seeing loads of people who we don't see so much any more. All in all it was a good night.

Dress : High neck sleeveless Asos Curve
Jacket : Longline 3/4 sleeve Primark
Shoes : Open toe fringe Carvela
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