Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Kimono is out

Yesterday was a beautiful day, me and my mum decided to go for lunch at our favourite place Mizu and do a little shopping (like I really need to do any lol). It was a warm day but had a little breeze at times but it was comfortable unlike today, rainy and a bit chilly. When the suns out I feel very happy a lot of people can relate, the sun is an instant mood changer. I dressed very casual, light pair of jeggings, black top and the most comfortable pair of sandals I forgot I even had. I was feeling a little plain so I had a light bulb moment and decided to wear the mono print kimono from Asos Curve a month or so ago. I kept everything else to a minimum, natural look make up, little jewellery and I didn't even paint my nails! Sometimes I think being minimal is just what's needed and you don't need to constantly be dressed to the nines that becomes a full time job in itself!
Top : Asos Curve, sold out but click here for similar style
Jeggins : F and F, sold out but click here for similar style
Sandals : New Look, sold out but click here for similar style (all white)
Earrings : River Island, sold out but click here for similar style
Sunglasses : River Island, sold out but click here for similar style


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Handbags, handbags and more handbags

A slight random post but if anyone truly knows me they know that I have a bit of a handbag addiction and majority of them are not small either. My mum forever moans at me if I get a new bag but I think one can never have enough bags hehe :) They are all different style (a lot of them black) but they all have their own uses : totes for carrying absolutely everything, over body for essentials and mini ones for the very bare essentials. I prefer the oversized bags even when it comes to some clutch bags I own, I just know I can get everything I need in especially when I'm working I don't want to be carrying another bag for my lunch it's just too much! I do own smaller bags but I can't help myself but to buy a bigger one but there is a downfall to owning an oversized bags and bin one of these females who carries everything for those just in case moments is I'm often taking out half the contents to find what it is I'm looking for BUT I have found a resolution and its called Cocoon Grid It. I came across it in a magazine whilst at work, its this hard back grid with elastic strips up and down it and its designed to keep loose items all together. I haven't yet used it but I know it will definitely come in use when I go away. I have bought bags from up and down the high street from Accessorize to Zara, there are so many out there I love/d but the one thing that gets my full approval is the durability of it. Some bags I've had in the past don't even make it to the end of that season which as you can imagine is disappointing to say the least which is why I am little hesitate in purchasing any River Island bags that I would use as an everyday bag as I have found the handles to split and its not even down to me putting a lot in them or abusing it but hopefully they will change in the near future?
The pictures above are just SOME of the bags I own and below are some of the essential bags I use or what I use them for.
The Everyday
This is my absolute favourite!! It fits everything in ad is perfect for travelling, can be carried over your arm of if you don't want put it over your shoulder. I must admit I do lie to have an option especially if I am shopping and I buy a few things it gets a little annoying having it over my arm. This is still available from H&M but the have sold out of the black croc on line but see here for other colours.
The Summer Evening
First of all it is the complete opposite colour to what I would usually buy but that's why I bought it. This little laser cut out bag was versatile as the strap is detachable is ideal for them summer evenings going for drinks and other occasion. Unfortunately this has completely sold out at River Island, I purchased it last summer.
The Shopper
My favourite print LEOPARD. Now this is an additional bag I will carry if I'm doing a bit of shopping when I know I will just end up carrying loads of little bags, you could say I'm doing my bit for the environment by taking this with me and not accepting the plastic bags :) I bought this from Sainsburys, Lulu Guinness for Comic Relief, most stores have now sold out :(
The Cross Body
You know them days you don't want to actually carry I bag over your arm and it will just ache after some time, this Topshop cross body bag I bought at least 3 years ago and is still going strong and amazingly still looks like brand new. Unlike a lot of cross body bags that are around the actual strap that goes across your body can go super long when you are a little taller you don't really want your bag feeling like its right under your armpit!

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