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Monday, 21 May 2018

Accessorize oversized tote bag review

It has been about 6 months since I actually bought a bag which if you know if is really good because I love a bag but it's mainly because on a daily basis I use my Ted Baker Chelsey shopper (sold out but here and here are similar styles) or days when I don't need to carry much I use my Michael Kors cross body one. They are all I really need but lately I've been getting annoyed with taking an addition bag to work for lunch and the days I have gym I'm taking like 3 bags to work which is too much! I had been on the hunt for a big tote bag that I can literally chuck everything in, of course I've seen a YSL one but that is a little out of my price range at the moment (one day!). So I had to bring it back down to reality and had a look on the high street.

Me and my mum were just passing through town and Accessorize recently moved to a bigger store in Ipswich and the summer colours just caught my eye so we popped in and I immediately see this oversized tote bag in lilac then yellow and then a light blue. I just fell in love like it would be perfect for work and is big enough to get everything in, I was struggling with what colour as I don't really have anything that would go so I looked a bit more in the store and found it in black (typical I know) and had to purchase.


Monday, 14 May 2018

Iconic highlighter review

With the sun now making more of an appearance I do love to add a highlighter just to add more of a natural glow to my skin, I have ones which are very subtle to ones that will make you shine bright like a diamond (literally!). It depends on what sort of mood I'm in to which one I choose, for example Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in pink quartz I like for work, it's just enough but if I want something more outside of work I sometimes add a cream or liquid one underneath. Is it me or just something about a healthy looking glow just makes you feel better?

There has been one in particular all over instagram, the Iconic London Illuminator, it's like everyone raves about this and you can certainly see why. You are literally glowing. I had been looking to buy this highlighter for quite some time now and the reason why I didn't purchase it before it because I already have so many highlighters but I just couldn't resist and I bought one. Before I made the purchase I had a difficult decision of which one I wanted as there is 4 glowing shades to choose from: original (champagne toned), glow (terracotta toned), blush (peachy toned) and shine (pink toned). I looked at them all and I personally like highlighters which have a goldy/champagne glow to them so I picked original.


Friday, 11 May 2018

Prime sports wear

If you hadn't see a couple months ago I met up with my good friend of mine and owner of Prime Sportswear and we filmed a quick little video just to give you an insight on the brand and see who is behind it.

We had a long chat and I kind of dragged him shopping with me but it was a good chance to catch up talk about what the future holds. This is definitely something new to me and such an interesting journey and feel so grateful to be an ambassador to a new and upcoming business.

Also I did have a Q&A with Kieran and if didn't get a chance to read the post previous, click here.

Have you got any new and exciting things in the pipelines?

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Early May Bank Holiday

So initially this bank holiday I was doing nothing but most likely going to the gym, relaxing and maybe sort out my wardrobe get rid of things I'm no longer wearing. Well.... that slightly changed, not in a bad way as I have enjoyed my weekend, it's been nice to catch up with friends.


Friday, 4 May 2018

May, happiness month

This month I am doing something a little different. My work mum gets this TreatBox sent to her every month and it has some super cute little random things. May's box contained: Anatomicals strawberry and yarrow face mask, totes amaze tote bag, 4 mini cards (which have Calm, Breath, Believe and Smile written on them), a little card, two little coffee bags, Gnaw strawberry and vanilla white chocolate, daily concepts exfoliating scrubber and a calendar.

Now out of all of that amazing stuff I am focusing on the calendar in this post and the reason why is because it's not just a normal month one it's a May happy checklist. There is something different to do every day and as soon as I see it in the box I thought I need to do this, so I kind of borrowed it.

Monday, 30 April 2018

How I get soft waves

A few people at work have asked how I get this soft natural wave hair style I often do and it was hinted slightly (Nikki, lol) to write a post on it. This is my I don't have the energy to do my hair and I want my bed look. It's so easy and does not really require any long winded process or loads of products.

I'll go through step by step what I do to achieve this simple look.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Have you tried Paperless Post?

Recently I was contacted by a company on behalf of Papaerless Post to try out their website and services. The company is online based and specialise in customisable stationary and digital cards, honestly they had me at stationary and I just couldn't resist.

I was browsing through the website to see what kind of things they do. There is so many categories to pick from, birthdays to thank you to save date, the company is American based so there is more specific holiday themed cards like Diwali, Lunar New Year and Hanukkah. They have also done collaborations with other known brands like: Kate Spade New York (I just love the designs), Rifle Paper Co and Oscar De La Renta.

I have sent a card already, it's so simply to do!
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