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Monday, 21 January 2019

What I've been watching recently

Over the last few weeks I've been watching some different films and TV series to what I would normally watch. If I'm honest I rarely feel like I have time to actually watch something as I'm either running about or updating my blog and don't want to get distracted! But I made a point to just relax and watch a few things.

If you haven't heard of this and the hype then where have you been?! I was only discussing this with one of my friends the other on both how we see a few different things and need to watch it again. If you really don't know about this Sandra Bullock is pregnant and something is released into the world sending everyone crazy and the only way to survive is to stay in doors but what happens what supplies start getting low and when the crazy people act normal?
Available on Netflix

So my mum watches this every season and I only decided to watch the most recent and oh wow I couldn't wait for each episode and my manager at work watches it too so every morning we had a catch up. I won't go into it and I know I need to watch the seasons previous but ooh there is some twisted people and I kind of feel a bit for Luther.
Available on BBC iPlayer and NetflixGreenleaf
You know when you on Netflix and you get that like advert well this is how I found Greenleaf and oh boy did I get addicted! I watched 3 seasons (13 episodes each and 40 minutes long) in like 2 weeks. Now I'm not religious and it didn't make me want to start going church or anything but it was just the whole story behind it, this family who run a church and what goes on behind closed doors. If you have watched this you will know what I mean, like how many more things can happen to this family?
Available on Netflix
Girl on the train
I initially read the book by Paula Hawkins, I loved the story it's like what really happened? Who was telling the truth? My mum read the book after me and couldn't put it down. When I heard a movie was being made about it I was not overly excited but I gave it a chance and knowing what happened in the book I thought they done well with the movie obviously they didn't fit everything in and the location was in another country which I was a little disappointed with but overall I did enjoy it.
Available on Netflix
Den of thieves
This is about a group of highly skilled bank robbers planning a heist at a major Federal Reserve of course there is team of cops who are determined to get them and stop them but what happens at the end really like got me I was like omg so sneakyyyy. I would recommend it.
Available on Netflix
Christmas Chronicles
So I was adamant I was going to watch some Christmas films over the festive period and this came up and it's this young girl who loves Christmas and wants to see Santa doing his thing and of course things get a little carried away and it's down to them to save Christmas. It's a lovely family film and there is some funny bits. the little elf flossing made me and my mum giggle.
Available on Netflix
Okay, so this isn't my usual kind of film as all the songs are pretty much Dolly Parton and it's not my preferred taste in music but it was so like warming. Willowdean, who's mum was a beauty pageant queen, enters a pageant and she gives it her all and proves you don't have to be perfect to succeed!

Have you watched any of the above? What are your thoughts?

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Monday, 14 January 2019

Beauty buys of December

 I haven't done one of these written posts for a little while as I wasn't really buy too many products to warrant a post dedicated to what I had bought previously but when I sat there and put everything together I was a like oh there is a few bits here oops lol and nearly half are from Primark I just got a bit carried away. Primark are really impressing me at the moment a majority of the items were purchased when I was in London just before Christmas.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love from £42
I will be doing a dedicated post (next week) to this so I won't go into too much detail but I absolutely love this such a beautiful scent.

Garnier botanical gel wash £3.49
This is my go to morning face wash, it just gently cleans your face. It's super handy that it's in a pump bottle even though it's a pump you are still able to get all the product out and it lasts super long!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Fav items of 2018

If you haven't already seen my most recent YouTube video, have a look and see my thoughts on my fav products I used throughout 2018.

All the links for the products are below:

Monday, 7 January 2019

Empties 2019 part 1

I feel like in this post there is a lot of products I've actually loved and was sad to see that I had finished them but what a great way to start the new year on a positive note.

Jahaitian black castor oil leave in conditioner £5.99
Sometimes when I use a lot of heat on my hair it can sometimes feel dry so I try and put some kind of leave in conditioner. When I use this it makes my hair feel so soft and I always concentrate on my ends as they are the most damaged especially where I colour my hair too.

Would I buy again?
Yes, a little goes a long way

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy new year and hello 2019


This is up a little later than I wanted it to be but I decided to have a little break over the Christmas/New Year period. I hope you all had a lovely time and spent it with family and friends stuffing your faces with food.

I had a relaxing break away from work, all my Christmas shopping was done and wrapped in time I just helped my mum get the last of her presents. As my mum was working I offered to cook Christmas day dinner, first time I ever done home made Yorkshire puddings and they were a success! The whole dinner went down really well so I was happy with that. Unfortunately throughout the period I wasn't my usual self as I had pulled a muscle and got a cold so I stayed in a bit but I did see some of my family on Boxing day and had one of my aunties mouth watering dinners!

When I look back at the past year and what I had done I can definitely say I enjoyed myself, I went to a few concerts, went to Amsterdam for my birthday, Notting Hill Carnival, London, Manchester. Certainly made some more memories with my friends and family. This year I plan to do exactly the same live life to the fullest and do what's best for me and travel more.

I wish you all a happy 2019

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Last minute Christmas gift guide

Okay so Christmas is in like 5 days.. EEKKKK!!!!!!! It's just so festive everywhere you go, I'm not usually one to be all like this but something about this year has got me excited. All the lights and the cosiness of everything and the fact I have completed all my shopping this year, finished it over the weekend.

Hopefully everyone would have everything sorted by now but if you haven't I've got another gift guide for some last minute shopping. It is a mixture for both him and her as well.

Instax mini 9 camera and accessory kit - £99.99 but originally £119.97
Fifa 2019 - on offer for £39.99 but originally £49.99
FitBit Versa - £159.99 but originally £199.99

Monday, 17 December 2018

What I like to do this time of year

There is definitely something about autumn and winter that I just love, the nights drawing in an excuse to just binge watch a series on Netflix which I have been doing a lot of lately (oops) lol but who can stop me and it's cold outside! As I didn't take much holiday throughout the year, I have been a little wise, I've ended up with having quite a lot of days left between November and December so it's been giving me time to do some things I really love to do at this time of year.

Winter wonderland
This place just screams Christmas vibes, if you have never been it's basically a event that's held in Hyde Park which starts at the end of November and is on till early January. It's almost like a winter fun fair as there is rides, circus, games, food stalls, bars and stalls where you can purchase various items. Last year I went to the circus and I absolutely loved it. I will say that the price of things like food and drink are, as expected, a little pricey but entry to Winter Wonderland itself is free, I will say if you want to go to a show or ice bar you will need to be before attending and the earlier you book the better as you won't be disappointed.
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