Friday, 4 April 2014

A Casual Friday In Suffolk

This is my first ever blog post as you can see lol, well here goes ... I've spent my Friday with my BFF Nowara (as most Friday's are spent with her), strolling through our town and visiting Christchurch Mansion, which I have not been there in years and then ending up in the beautifully relaxing Cult Café/Bar on the Waterfront. The weather hasn't been too great today like it has been previously but im glad the rain did not make a show as I wanted to get out and take some pictures and try pursue with the photography as it's something I really enjoy a lot. Heres a few snaps from the day. 

Me browsing through Christchurch Mansion 

Christchurch Mansion and Chinese Beef and Fried Mushrooms and Chips (Cult Café/Bar)
Enjoy x
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