Saturday, 13 December 2014

Parka Life

Finally I've found a Parka coat I like, for a while I've been searching the net for one that isn't just cotton so when its wet I'll look like a drowned rat lol or a shiny look to it, to be honest it has been hard trying to find one.
Randomly in Sainbury's TU section I found one in my size (and it was the last one) tried it on, it was perfect and soooo warm. It's ideal to wear with a thick jumper underneath as well and two handy front pockets. I know some people may be thinking you bought your coat from a supermarket but these days supermarkets are selling some really nice clothes and in some cases some things are better then the high street. The only downfall to shopping at TU, they don't re stock quick enough or when they sell out of something they will never get it back in and you cannot order from the website, unfortunately they are a little behind.
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