Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beauty buys of April

Last month I only purchased a few things compared to previous months and this month lol. I think it's because I didn't really need anything or nothing really grabbed my attention that much but this months will be more interesting :) There will be two things I will always love and continue to buy for like ever, which they are Victoria Secrets body sprays and Bourjois lipsticks.

The sprays are just amazing, the scent lasts long as well which is kind of surprising for a spray like this. They are available in their Westfields Stratford store (and online) which is a bit of an excuse to go London if I'm running low and I get excited when I do go, either re stocking on ones I've already had or looking for a new one to add to the collection. Along with body sprays they also have other products in their VS Fantasies collection like : body lotion, shower gel, eau de toilette ideal for a night out and mists/oils. You may think they are a little pricey but purchase them with the offer they have which I believe is 5 products for £30 which is so worth it as they last so long. I was given a travel bottle of Hello Darling and fell in love with it straight away and is coming to an end so I had to repurchase it but they don't do this one in the UK store but luckily found it on Ebay. Most of their scents remind me of summer I think mainly because I first purchased them in the summer but they are all refreshing. Hello Darling's scent is white nectarine and peony.

Left to right 01 Appechissant, 09 Happy Nude Year, 02 Rosé on the rocks

When it comes to buying lipsticks I find myself being at the Bourjois stand, I have no idea why. After purchasing some of the Rouge Edition Velvet matte reds last year sometime I was impressed with the staying power of it I then tried some nudes in the Rouge Edition which I think if you want to wear lipstick but your unsure of what colour or you don't want to be over the top you can't go wrong with a nude. Bourjois have recently come out with the Rouge Edition Aqua Laque which I thought I'd try as I have previously been impressed but I was a little disappointed with this. The staying power is not as strong as the others (mattes), I found it to be more like a lip gloss and I found myself re applying throughout a night out, I will still use it but maybe use an actual lipstick as a base and apply this on top.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Last couple weeks shopping haul

I have been a little naughty over the last couple weeks shopping when I don't really need to but that's what I love to do. Now that the season is changing I thought it was time for some change/update on a few things and I'm slowly getting out of the by everything in black mode. You may notice that H&M is a shop I'm slightly obsessed with but they are reasonably priced and always have what I'm looking for. You may think I've bought a fair few bits but this is just the beginning of change for me. So here's what I purchased in the last two weeks and there will be more to come !!


About last night

A few of us from my work place had got together for drinks to celebrate one of the girls birthday. Prior to the evening it was the case of what am I going to wear, I had to wear my Carvela fringed shoe boots but what else?! Looking through my wardrobe and then online, I then purchased a black high neck dress from Asos Curve and when I tried it on with my white long line jacket from Primark it looked perfect. A classic classy look (well I though so anyway). I don't think Primark still do the jacket but I know there is plenty similar in shops still. The dress is very comfortable and did not rise or feel awkward in any places but walking up and down stairs was a bit of a stretch lol. We all had a funny night, a lot of laughing and few drinks and some dancing. I woke up fine this morning but I know there is a few of them that were feeling a little under the weather. x

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