Sunday, 9 November 2014

The love for a shirt

Recently I have been seeing a few shirts about and the last few times I've been to London I've ended up buying a shirt (mostly from Primark). Shirts are so versatile and can be dressed up for a night out with a pair of heels and skirt or down with a pair of leggings or jeans and boots. I'm not sure why but I am now a bit of a sucker for a shirt and a long line cardigan an will soon be purchasing some jumpers too as winter is approaching very quickly!! So I think this season shirts will be my main thing. The other day I met up with a couple of my girls for a catch up and a bite to eat and with a new grid print shirt purchased the week before I just had to wear it I wanted to wear my light grey cardigan but as it was raining that wasn't a good idea so I quickly put on my zig zag jacket (here's something similar) and went. I kindly asked Nowara to get a few pictures in front of the random "?" by the docks and she gladly said yes! Thank you :)


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Saturday I was in London and I was happy to wake up outside of Ipswich for it and had breakfast cooked for me too!! I'd been shopping A LOT and it was safe to say (at the time) I think I was shopped out for a change which is so unlike me. I did buy a few things but I wasn't shopping for anything specific if I'm honest but I do need a couple new outfits as I'm going out at the end of the month but I have plenty of time. I made my way back to the station where I bought this cookies and cream waffle, it was AMAZING! Waffle with melted chocolate, whipped cream and mini Oreos ahhh, I want another one! Anyway enough of food talk lol I made my way back to Ipswich. My aunties and uncles were coming round for a few drinks and something to eat and not long after I got back from London they came over. We all had such a laugh an a joke and everyone loved the food my Dad had cooked. Was a really good night and I managed to get a selfie with everyone!!


Beauty Buys of October

Sorry this is a little late as I've got the week off I have been catching up on a couple things. Octobers beauty buys isn't going to be as extravagant compared to Novembers post which will be up later this month (I've been a little naughty lol). I had to purchase Lush's Ayesha Fresh Face Mask again, see review here, it's just simply amazing and would recommend it to anyone. In my previous post I got a new bag for my birthday so I had to get a nail varnish to match and found that Barry M do this perfect matte colour in Crush, I've uploaded a pic on my Instagram, check it out >>>. Avon do this MagiX Multi Benefit Illuminator (beige) which I've been looking for some kind of high lighter for a while. When it came I wasn't all that impressed with it, it was just glittery which is not what I wanted right now, I may use it in the future you never know when you have to dress up for something. As Halloween was coming up I needed some dark eye shadows, Kohl eyeliner and a new application brush, so I bought Beauty Uk's Smokey Eye Pallet, 17's Perk and Paint Eyeliner and Wilkinson's Smokey Eye Duo Brush, the brush was so soft and was applied it brilliantly. Some of you may not know but I actually dye my hair, it is dark but I prefer it real dark and seeing as I had to dress up as Wednesday Adams (and my birthday was coming up) it did need doing. I use XXL Live Bitter Sweet Chocolate (no89), it last so long and I find that the XXL colours actually stick to my hair unlike some others I've tried in the past. My bargain of the month was in Sainbury's they had the mini Astral creams for only 50p!!

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