Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Puppy Love

I finished work last Thursday and could not wait to just relax for the weekend, I had planned nothing and just wanted to relax and catch up on some magazines and TV I haven't watch all week and go for a stroll through the High Street with my Mum on the Friday. Well Thursday evening me and my parents were just generally talking and we decided to send the lady we had got our dog Freddy from to give her a little update on how he's doing. We have had talks in the past about getting another dog mainly so Freddy has a friend. A few emails and pictures went back and forth and she told us that Freddy's mother had given birth to another litter about 7 weeks ago (but with a different father). We was all shocked and had seen the picture of the three boys she had left (I did pick one as soon as I see the picture) and immediately agreed to take a drive to see them on Saturday. Me and my mum's plans had slightly changed for the Friday we still had a casual stroll but we had to buy a whole load of puppy things. It was exciting as I do remember when we first got Freddy in April 2013 he's such a joy and everyone loves him. Saturday came and me and my Dad had taken a 45 minute drive through some beautiful country side to visit the little puppies. They were all too cute and we could have taken them all home but we didn't, we eventually chose and it was the one I picked from the picture on Thursday! We named him Bobby, he slept so peacefully on the way home of course I had to take a couple snaps for Snapchat. Mum and Freddy were waiting patiently for us and not long after we got back my friend Sharna came round to see the new addition and then my grandparents came over, he certainly got loads of cuddles. Its crazy how well he has settled in and made it up the stairs already, he's going to take a little more trainng then Freddy but we will get there !!

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