Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Make Up

As it was my birthday a few weeks ago I went a little over board on buying some make up and brushes, normally I'd buy the high street brands like Bourjois, Rimmel or L'Oreal but I do own a Chanel and YSL lipstick which I bought as treats! I'm kind of annoyed to why I didn't buy the following any sooner because I cannot rate them highly enough.

Parka Life

Finally I've found a Parka coat I like, for a while I've been searching the net for one that isn't just cotton so when its wet I'll look like a drowned rat lol or a shiny look to it, to be honest it has been hard trying to find one.

Blush Pink

I had to pop out yesterday morning to post my #JoyfulJunePSBloggers parcel. The weather was looking a bit cloudy and was not as warm as yesterday. Trying to find something to wear was a little hard as my dad said it was suppose to brighten up. I was so eager to wear my new pink blush blazer I purchased from Primark last weekend whilst in London as it was not something I would normally purchase, as I normally stick to black and think I will jazz it up with accessorise. Since I have been blogging and looking at other peoples style it has made me realise I don't just have to wear black or dark colours I can wear different colours too. Not long ago I had purchased a pair of light wash jeggings from F&F which are super comfortable and stretchy as well which I find is a bonus and they only were £12 will have to be buying more! I never thought I would be ever buying a light pair of jeggings as I've always stuck with dark ones. I wore it with a simple black Asos Curve vest top and a pair light pink of sandals from Primark and my new cat eye sunglasses from River Island (my mum liked them so much she bought a pair but in a different colour!). Off I went posting my parcel I also though ah why not by a tripod for my DSLR camera, it would be so much easier taking pictures of outfits and to help with my photography a bit more as its something I really want to do more off. As soon as I got home it was straight out the bag and all set up to take a picture of my outfit that day. Below as you can see is my outfit using the tripod.


Ice coolers and shopping...

I've been in London this weekend (so happy!) which you will often see a post about, I just can't get enough of this city, never fails to amaze me. Once in a while when I'm here I have to make a trip to Westfields in Stratford to visit Victoria Secrets, not for the underwear but they do this brilliant deal with their VS Fantasies, you can get any 5 of them for just £30 but some are like nearly £13 on their own. With what I got today I saved £35 but they not all for me, a friend of mine has been asking me why I smell so nice at work and wanted me to get her some on my next trip. They have quite a few different ones to choose from and they all have the body lotions, shower gels, mini perfume perfect for your bag on a night out and more but I cannot remember right now! I didn't go over board with the main shopping as I couldn't really see anything that caught my eye plus I do find it hard plus size shopping, as not a lot of shops here really cater for a plus size and when it feels like there is not air con in this place it does not help. I did find a lovely light blush pink blazer from Primark (I will get a picture soon!) I thought it would be perfect for the summer and possibly go lovely with the Navy skater style dress I purchased from the Gok Wan Collection in Tu which I got for half price and looks gorgeous on. Also had to stop off and cool own and grab a Ice Mint Mocha from Costa to cool me down and worked a treat but I did later on buy the Red Berry Cooler which was my addiction last summer, I couldn't help it!


Relaxing afternoon with my girl

I woke up yesterday morning and I kind of made plans to spend some time with my Dad and Freddy (my Jack Russell) down the allotment and to see what progress my Dad and Mum has made in the last few months since taking it over from his Dad. I had some breakfast and was just catching up on some TV that I've missed and looked outside several times thinking I could do something else rather than go to the allotment (I have been putting it off for so long!). I messaged one of my friends and decided to go see her have a cheeky afternoon drink. The sun was shining bright but I had the whole monochrome idea in mind so looking through my wardrobe come across a black and white Aztec Skirt and a vest from Primark I bought when I was in London a few weeks ago and go add a little more white I used my new River Island White Laser Cut Out bag. The skirt is very comfortable but it does tend to rise up a bit !!

Catching up with some family

Yesterday I met up with my Nan I haven't seen her in a month which is not good but we decided to meet up in town get a couple bits and just have a catch up. We strolled through high street popped in a couple shops, I saw a few things I liked but I was looking for a blazer or pair of leggings or jeggings or jeans in a lighter colour (all I have is dark colours, mainly black!). I was happy to find a blazer, that I had been looking at online for a while, in New Look Inspire, I tried it on and it was perfect very comfortable and stretchy it wasn't the kind that made you feel restricted at all. I had to purchase it along with a grey and neon pink floral scarf, if you know me you know I love scarves! Also I had popped to Tesco's as I had no luck in the town centre with finding any leggings/jeggings and actually found some skinny jeggings in a light stone wash colour from the F&F section. I haven't got a picture of them yet but I'm sure you will see them soon on my Instagram, LOL! Later in the evening me and my Aunties, Nan and Cousin were invited to a friend of the familys for a few drinks which turned out to be a classic family get together. We all had such a laugh some drinks, dancing and talking about this summer. One thing that was mentioned, was about the Global Rhythm music in the park day that happens every year in Christchurch Park and this year its on 12th July from 1pm - 7pm. We had all been to last years and we all thoroughly enjoyed it but hadn't arranged anything between ourselves to take any food or set up a spot so we could sit instead of standing all day. We have decided for a few us to all make some food and make a day of it and have a picnic in the park and enjoy the music and hopefully it will be a beautiful day! So that is something I'm currently looking forward to in the summer.

Plus Size Blogger Marvellous May Instagram Challange

I was just browsing through some blogs and Instagram pages and came across this Plus Size Blogger Instagram challenge that was posted on @wanabeprincessuk page (PS thank you !!!). As its 1st of May I thought it would be a great little challenge for me as I enjoyed taking part in a December Photo Challenge last year. I will be posting the daily pics on Instagram .. Check it out JanayAndre and join in !

Plus Size Instagram Challenge
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