Saturday, 24 January 2015

Swing Dresses from Amazon

Recently I purchased a couple swing dresses from, I was a little sceptical on buying them and wondered what the material would be like, if they would even fit how they should and would they even be long enough.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beauty buys of December

Here's some of the beauty items I've purchased throughout December. I've been using them as well and all so far so amazing.

Home made body scrub

For Christmas I decided to actually make a present instead of buying one, I thought it would be more of a personal present. I wanted something Christmassy so I chose cinnamon as a base and then looked all over the Internet to see what recipes I could find and what would go best.I kept it quite basic as this was my first ever attempt of even making anything like this before. To go with the cinnamon I picked Madagasca Vanilla essence. Here is a list of what I used and how I made it :)

Planning for New Years

Me and Nowara have decided we are going London for NYE this year and we're super excited!! At the moment we have no idea where exactly we are going but will find a bar but if someone can recommend somewhere get in touch with me !! The next major thing on my mind is what do I wear ?! It's going to be cold but I don't want to be wrapped up in thick jumpers and all sorts. After browsing on line I've come across some things I wouldn't mind purchasing and having as an option to wear. Below I've found a few things online as some options and will eventually pick something to wear.

1. Rose Print Shirt - New Look Inspire
2. Faux Stone Cut Ring - Forever21
3. Long Sleeved Swing Dress - Pink Clove
4. Red Sequin Tunic Dress - New Look Inspire
5. Wet Look Leggings - New Look Inspire (now out of stock)
7. 'What Ever' Clutch Bag - New Look
9. Bubbly Bag - New Look
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