Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Caribbean Music Day Global Rhythm 2014

A while back me and my aunties and nan had decided we would go to the Caribbean music in the park day Ipswich on 12th July. The weather did not look that great in the morning it was still very warm but cloudy. Of course later in the day it was a beautiful sunny hot day which I did not really wear the right clothes for as I had a pair of really thick black Ponte trousers on. We all just about got through to heat but we all very much enjoyed ourselves and having a few drinks watching the performances which were very entertaining and even one of my aunties was up on stage in a tiny winey competition but they were all too good and were all winners (even tho my auntie should have won!). Its always lovely when me and my family get together as we always have such a laugh. The only downfall is that it finishes way too early when everyone is happy and enjoying themselves it seems to stop. After we had gone back to my aunties and then gone to a friend of the families for a some more drinks and laugh and a joke. By the end of the night I was certainly ready for my bed my feet were aching but it didn't help I had worn new sandals! Here's a collage of a few pics from throughout the day..
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