Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

For a few months I have been planning to go to Carnival but was unsure what day I was going on or anything. In the end me and my two aunties and nan decided to go. We had been looking at the weather until the morning we was leaving and it was just showing pure rain the whole day non stop. It was sure to be right because we got soaked but that did not stop us. We had set off from Ipswich from early due to there being rail works on part of the journey we got to London Liverpool street and got our underground ticket and set off. We had to buy rain macs to try keep us dry a bit more, it did work to a point. My feet were drenched to the point I was squelching as I was walking but hey it was funny we all was squelching. We did have a laugh besides the weather, had some drinks danced in the rain. Unfortunately I did not get many pics because of the rain but I did manage to get selfies with the family lol...


Monday, 25 August 2014

Lunch date with my mum and auntie

On Friday me, my mum and auntie (Dolly) met up for lunch and went to this absolutely amazing placed called Mizu (Noodle Bar) in the town centre. I could go there all the time the food is just amazing!! It was quite strange as we all got the same main which is the Mizu Noodle Combo, these Kansui Noodles with roast duck, roast pork and crackling pork drizzled in a sweet soya sauce... to die for *drools*. After we had popped into a couple shops mainly because Dolly had wanted some kind of comfortable shoes for Nottinghill Carnival. We popped to Primark as we always do and they are getting some lovely items in for next season so much I can't wait for it. I had seen this black and white print scuba material long line jacket, it woud be just perfect for the autumn and I think I may have to get it this week? seeing as this weather is just changing for the worst too soon. It sounds mad strange being that we are still in August but I am kind of looking forward to the Autumn, staying home or popping out but to somewhere warm and cosey with a hot chocolate or something.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Tropical Evening

I've been wanting to write this post for the last couple days but I haven't been feeling well for a few days (still feeling like poo). My auntie had called me to tell me she had made some Jamaican Patties and that they were "wicked" and to pop round and get some (and they were so tasty!). Well I didn't make it round till evening as my mum came home from work and we had a bit of a catch up as I hadn't really seen her for a couple days. I do love to spend time with my Mum and just talk about everything and we try to do something once a month, either go shopping or for a bite to eat and we're doing something this Friday :)! After the A Confident Me On The Rise? post I just wanted to wear something a little different and for some reason I really wanted to put some eyeliner on which I haven't done a cat flick in years. I bought this Tropical print dip hem long sleeved shirt from Primark a couple months back but I was a little scared to wear such a bold print because I normally stick to just block colours. I thought to myself no just wear it and I did with a pair of black stretchy trousers and I loved it. My mum was in a little shock I think because I had a little make up on (just to even out my skin tone) but was not caked and a print shirt, she actually kept saying how nice I looked in the middle of conversation a few times lol  but then my dad said I looked like someone from the 80's? They had these dip hem shirts in a few different colours which I have in the black and a cobalt blue (at a bargain price of £5!) they go with anything, they can be dressed up or down but I do find the sizing in Primark is such a hit and miss to the point I actually sized down in it. I'm really sorry that the pictures are not that clear, unfortunately my auntie's kitchen is not the greatest for lighting.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Beauty buys of July

Another month and I can't help but buy beauty bits and as usual I get a majority of them from boots (so I get my points!). Browsing through Instagram and magazines seeing what nail colours are big, I found myself looking for a bright orange but not a neon one and a lilac, just a soft pastel colour.  At the moment I'm really liking Barry M's Gelly High Shine collection, so I chose the Satsuma and Prickley Pear (this is such a random name for it I know, but on Boots website its just called lilac?). They are both lovely colours but I would recommend applying two coats for it to last longer. I did get a little addicted to wearing the Satsuma as the weather was so nice and I wanted my nails to stand out, I think there is a picture on my insta if not I will get one soon of them both!

I'd seen a review in Company's May/Junes Magazine for the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks saying how they do not dry out your lips which I find with a lot of lipsticks after time they dry my lips out which can be so annoying especially when I'm out. I must say I have not been out properly and worn either of them yet but I have tried them on when lazing around the house to see how they look on and I'm absolutely in love with the two that I picked Hot Pepper and Olé Flamingo. I wanted fun and flirty colours with a matte'ish finish for the day time but could also be used at night, so far so good. On the left is Hot Pepper and the right is Olé Flamingo

Over a month ago me and Nowara had seen in TK Maxx this Ionika Cheetah Brush, I was definitely in need of a new one as the handle on my kept coming off and was very annoying even when picking it up I'd forget and one half would just go flying across my bed. Anyway straight away she said this is so me and that you had to buy it, I did hesitate and a few weeks later I went back and got it! It's so cute and is so me (if you know me I love leopard print). I couldn't find the exact one I purchase but they do have it in a purple version.

I did have to stock up on a few daily products I use and love, which included Garnier Pure Active Anti Spot (see review post here), Palmers Cocoa Butter and Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash. I've found this face wash so far brilliant, it cleans my skin of the dirt that baby wipes cant get rid of and just makes your skin feel fresh. I use it every morning and in the before I go bed (if I can remember that is). I picked up Elle's August magazine and it came with a free gift, love a freebie lol, of Malin + Goetz samples it included: lip moisturiser, cleanser and moisturiser. So far I have only tried the lip moisturiser and I was a little shocked, it was thick at first and felt gooey and I thought great sticky and horrible but I gave it a chance before wiping it off so I kept it on and surprisingly it kept my lips moisturised and they were so soft in the morning. So in the future if I can get away from the Eos and Vaseline limited editions I may give this a go.



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Confident Me On The Rise?

I just wanted to share this outfit with you all quickly. Last Thursday I got a little dressed up and me and a friend of mine (Daniel) went out very last minute. I was rummaging through my wardrobe in a panic on the phone to Daniel throwing mini hissy fits because I couldn't find anything to wear. He was telling me to wear this Kimono I got from River Island about 3/4 yeas ago (which he was with me when I bought it). Then it suddenly clicked I'll wear my Black Midi Body Con Dress with Short Sleeves from Asos Curve and my new Block Peep Toe Heels from New Look. The ones I purchased have since sold out but here is some very similar. The material (of the dress) perfect it's not too thick and not too thin and see through and it is quite long which is what I like. I loved my outfit so much and I felt confident with myself in what I was wearing and so happy and thought I don't have to be smaller size in order for me to feel good on the inside as well as the outside! I just keep reminding myself to just be happy!!



Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wedding no2

The weekend just gone was a little busy I had been in London Thursday and Friday and trying to find an outfit for Chanelle and Lee's wedding reception which was on Saturday. Before leaving for London I did have a browse through the high street but had no luck, the New Look Inspire section in Ipswich is not very good to be honest it just seems like they just get the frumpy looking things in, the do have the odd nice thing but you do have to search!! Anyway I was so happy to be in London to get away and do what I love SHOP. To be fair I did not know what I wanted to wear dress, trouser/skirt and top, I had gone to Westfields Stratford knowing they have a goodish selection of shops that have a reasonable amount of shops that cater for plus size. Browsing through the shops I ended up purchasing a top and skirt from New Look Inspire which is typical! I bought a Black Floral Print Skirt which is something that I can wear into the next season as the floral is on a dark background and can be easily switched from a summery outfit to a more autumn. The material on the skirt was so comfortable it wasn't tight and fitted me so well I actually went a size down as I didn't want it to look and be big. Along with the skirt I purchased a Pink V Neck Cami, the material seems a little different compared to the black one I already have but I still liked it. When it came to the wedding and actually getting ready I decided to wear the skirt with the Black Cami and took my Midi Black Cardigan (I love black too much I know!). In the end I didn't need the cardigan till very late in the evening. 

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