Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Beauty Buys of September

This month I'm not sure if I had been OTT with buying or not but I did had a bit of a moment in Lush with Daniel we both needed something to relax us. I've always been a fan of their products, this time I went for a bath bomb (Dragons Egg), bubble bar (Sunnyside) and a fresh face mask (Ayesha). That night I'd run a bath applied the Ayesha face mask which has a earthy smell to it and popped in the Dragons egg and just watched it fizz and crackle away. I kept the face mask on for about 15-30 minutes as recommended by the lady in store. After I'd taken it off my mum said straight away my skin looks a lot better, clearer and healthier. Of course I was thrilled with the result and knew that I will be buying this and using at least once a week. I'm yet to use Sunnyside but I'm sure there I'll upload a pic on my instagram :)

As soon as I tried this L'Oréal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti Redness I was in amazed of what the affects, my mum even tried it and was impressed with it. It’s such a light weight finish but brilliant affects without feeling like your covered in make-up I think but anyway I won’t go into too much details read the full review here.

I did buy a few nail products this month and not just nail varnishes either! Sometimes when I'm on the go carrying nail varnish remover and the cotton pads can just take up unnecessary space in my bag so whilst I was in London I bought Quickies Nail VarnishRemover Pads. I've seen these around before and have been reluctant about them thinking they wouldn't be as good. Well they are better then what I thought they would be even though they are a little greasy but they still done the job. Wah Nails have launched some products through Boots, Wah London, one of them is this Clean Up Brush, I'm often making mistakes and now this can stop! Lastly I bought this Pretty Pink Heart Varnish, I did buy it because it was very cute looking and when feeling extra girly I can add a couple hearts on my nails.

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