Monday, 15 September 2014

L'Oréal CC Cream Anti-Redness

Recently when I go out on my days off I have been feeling a little conscious of my skin (face) as my cheeks can be a little red and unevan and I feel just urgh at times. I don't want to cover my face in concealer and foundation as I hate caking my skin blocking my pores and looking like I have added a layer of plaster on my face. The three foundations I own are No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation, Lush Little Yellow and Benefits Play Stick, obviously I do not use all three at the same time but I find they don't cover the redness so much. I had seen the L'Oréal CC creams the one that caught my eye was the Anti-Redness, they also do Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Dullness. I tried a small bit on my hand was a little shocked as it came out green but as I was rubbing it in the colour came out and you could definitely see the difference. To say the least I was amazed and straight away though yes I need to buy this! I have since used this a few times and just love the results. It's typical that the day I take a before and after my skin is not as red as it has been !


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