Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Not So Random Trip To London

All week I had been thinking do I go London or not? Well come Friday I decided yes, there really isn't much of a persuasion for me to go cause I would be there every weekend if I could. Browsing along Oxford Street early evening is something I just love to do and as the evenings are getting darker quicker I'm more excited (strange I know!Lol). Each time I have to go into Primark cause you never know what bargains you will come out with. Winter is certainly on its way, I was seeing a lot of jumpers and big thick cardigans everywhere. If I had space in my bad I so would have bought a new cardigan. Everytime I'm in London I judge the weather wrong, surprisingly it was still quite warm I could have done with wearing a thinner jacket by I was dying to wear my new River Island Zig Zag Jacket. On Saturday I decided to take a little wonder, found Tower Of London along the way and took the tube to South Kensington to visit one of my favourite places V&A. I've been going there since I went college and I still love it! Only downfall was the underground was so busy as they had planned works but it doesn't matter when your in London lol.

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