Monday, 9 June 2014

Garnier Pure Active Review

I've been looking for a moisturiser to use day and night that doesn't make my skin feel greasy and clogged up for quite a while now I've gone through a fair few and yet to find something that helps until now. I had been using Lush's Vanishing cream for a while and at first I thought it was brilliant but after a while I had noticed it was leaving my skin a greasy and would become shiny throughout the day and as soon as I'd get home I would often get some tonner water on a cotton pad and remove the grease and dirt. I have a oily combination skin and struggle to find something that's the right balance for my skin. I've never really thought of using Garnier products but I had often seen adverts on the TV and happened to be in Boots one day and they had some of the Garnier Pure A selection on offer. I was stood there for quite a while reading on what ones done which and what I think would be best. I picked up two, I thought I'd do a day and night and test it over a period of time. As my night one I purchased the Garnier Pure Active Anti Spot 24hr Moisturiser and for the day Garnier Skin Naturals Pure A Anti-Imperfection Moisturiser.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Spot 24hr Moisturiser (left image)
24 hours after using: After applying it does not leave a oily overlay it sinks in really well. My face felt like it was softer and I felt less greasy when I woke up in the morning.
5 days: The Tzone area of my face felt more hydrated without is being clogged, I noticed the dry patches near my chin were not so visible and was slowly disappearing.
4 weeks: After using this now for a month my skin appears clearer in the mornings and any spots I have tend to heal more over night.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure A Anti Imperfection Daily Moisturiser (right image)
24 hours: My face does not feel as greasy but it seems to take a little bit longer to sink into my skin.
5 days: Skin is getting softer and my cheeks were not as red as they have been
4 weeks: Over the time my skin has got less greasy during the day but still takes a little bit to sink into my skin.

Overall I prefer the Anti Spot 24hr Moisturiser as it appears to have more affects on my skin. I've been using them both for over a month every day and still have quite a bit left and seems to be good value for money!

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