Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Saturday I was in London and I was happy to wake up outside of Ipswich for it and had breakfast cooked for me too!! I'd been shopping A LOT and it was safe to say (at the time) I think I was shopped out for a change which is so unlike me. I did buy a few things but I wasn't shopping for anything specific if I'm honest but I do need a couple new outfits as I'm going out at the end of the month but I have plenty of time. I made my way back to the station where I bought this cookies and cream waffle, it was AMAZING! Waffle with melted chocolate, whipped cream and mini Oreos ahhh, I want another one! Anyway enough of food talk lol I made my way back to Ipswich. My aunties and uncles were coming round for a few drinks and something to eat and not long after I got back from London they came over. We all had such a laugh an a joke and everyone loved the food my Dad had cooked. Was a really good night and I managed to get a selfie with everyone!!

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