Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My first time on radio!

If you have me on Watsapp, Instagram or Twitter you will know last Friday I was on Real Talk with Sharna, as Shonola was away last week. They have a show on every friday at 9pm for an hour, honestly they need a longer slot, each week a different genre of music is played and there is talks on anything inbetween. I will always listen as much as I can gotta show some love and support to my girls.

We had a bit of fun on Snapchat

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Is summer on its way?

Last Saturday I had popped out for a late lunch with a friend and a bit of a catch up. I wasnt feeling all that great Saturday and if I'm honest I'm still not quite a 100% but I thought I needed to get out have some food and I also wanted to get a couple tops from Primark. It was a lot warmer then it had been, I hadn't got any of my main summer clothes out my wardrobe because I've been managing with just my 'general' ones. I really wanted to stay away from wearing black, one we all know wearing black clothes attract the sun more and two it was a lovely sunny day so why would I want to be head to toe in black?! It was quite hot and I just found myself in front of my wardrobe and shouting (more of a cry for help) "what do I wearrrr????".


Monday, 18 July 2016

Want to try some Benefit's brow products??

Recently Benefit had re launched their brow range and brought a couple more items out, they have changed the packaging to all silver it is really nice but personally I would have preferred it in gold or rose gold I just love when any make up products have either of these colours involved. You may of had a look at some of the products before and thought they are a little bit highly priced the amount of product you get or you're wondering what the hype is all about. Don't get me wrong I will spend money on make up products but I do research to make sure what I'm spending my money on is worth it. I do own two of Benefit's brow products which are Browzing and Gimme brow (which I got free when I had an brow wax), I don't use the Browzing so much these days and it's slightly annoying that I don't but I can never be bothered to do my brows fully or a more intense look. Gimme Brow is perfect if you have some unruly hairs that you just want to tame with a little bit of colour, my mum even loves it!!


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Shopping in Westfields

Last weekend we decided to stop by Westfields on Sunday on our way home from seeing Beyoncé on the Saturday. First thing we did though was have a cheeky Nandos, it had to be done (and we kind of skipped breakfast so we was hungry). Pretty much every shop we had gone into had a extra long queue, I have no idea why but everyone thought it would be a good idea to go shopping at that point. I did ideally want to pick up a few things mainly tops, as I seem to have enough jeans, skirts, trousers and leggins and I'm starting to think of late that I'm struggling to find tops in my wardrobe or I find myself wearing the same things on the weekends. There is not many (if any) stores that have plus size clothes in Westfields in Stratford but at the moment where I am loosing weight I am starting to find myself being able to shop in some of the "normal" high street stores which is a good thing and personally it makes me happy. I will never be skinny, partially because that's not how I am built and who wants to be skinny, like common really? 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Beyoncé's Formation World Tour

What a weekend, me and a friend of mine were lucky enough to get tickets for Beyoncé's Formation World Tour for the 2nd July show, we bought them back in February which now seems like such a long time ago. Before we knew it was like 3 weeks away (where I started looking for an outfit), then 2 weeks (waiting for things to be delivered), then 1 week (buying last minute things) and then it was the day!
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