Monday, 29 February 2016

A casual Friday

The other week (on a Friday) I popped out very briefly to get my eyebrows and lashes tinted, on my days off I do like to look nice not necessarily dress up with a full face of makeup and heels but you know just like you have made an effort without making an effort, if that makes sense. Scanning through my wardrobe for something to quickly put on become a bit of a mission but I remembered I bought this long tunic/top from Tu Sainsburys that would be perfect with a pair of leggins or jeans and boots. 
Myself and my mum often have a little browse in the clothing section in Sainbury’s they often have some lovely items and they are not badly priced either. She loves a bit of TU clothing, I’ve had to tell her she needs to venture out to the town centre now and again! Also Gok Wan’s collection is there and every season he brings out a new range I fall in love, in my opinion he caters for real woman and in his dresses there's often detachable control wear included. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Topshop jewellery haul

The other day I had popped into town to meet a friend and catch up on a few things and how we can possibly work together in the near future. After I had gone into Topshop just to browse and see what was about mainly to look for some jewellery. They still had a sale going on which I was quite surprised at, anyway I had seen some rings which caught my eye I went to pay for them and the sales assistant had said all jewellery is 5 for £5 and the rings I had were £2 for the sake of another £3 why not. 

If I was to buy all of these separately it would have cost me £38.50 but getting this all for £5 was a real good bargain! I know you may see that I have got two sets of the same rings but you can never have enough of these types of rings, stack them up or wear them on their own. They don’t appear to have this offer on the website but check with your local store if they have, it’s worth having a look.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Afternoon tea and drinks with my family

As a little extra for my mum’s birthday I decided to get all the females in the family to join me and my mum for afternoon Tea at the Salthouse, well all that could make it. Myself and my mum have been to afternoon tea in the past (including The Ritz which is amazing), for some members of the family it was their first time. We all enjoyed it very much catching up with each other and having a laugh and we all agreed we would do it again but in the summer as it was a little cold. If you are in the area and you like a cup of tea, mini food and a beautiful view in summer I would highly recommend you book a table with some friends and enjoy. The family members that couldn’t make the tea came round that evening and we all had a few drinks and music playing, my dad had cooked some food. My mum has enjoyed her birthday celebrations but is now happy that we can go back to normal!

It was casual dress but I still wanted to make an effort as The Salthouse is a lovely hotel, it's kind of posh but not posh if you know what I mean. I wanted to be comfortable in what I was very because we was going to be sat down for a little while so I decided to wear a black sleeveless belted jacket with my khaki flowered shirt some black treggins and my trusty Chelsea boots. 

Jacket - Dorothy Perkins (currently in the sale)
Shirt - Sold out in New Look but here is something similar
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - New Look
Earrings - River Island

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Celebrating my mums birthday

It was my mums yesterday and it was quite a special one. Myself and my dad decided we would go for a meal to celebrate, somewhere nice and different to where we usually would go. We decided to go to The Last Anchor, we had all been last year for another family member's birthday and we thoroughly enjoyed out meal. 

We decided as it was mid week that we weren't going to dress up majorly but still look like we made an effort. I had two outfit ideas in mind, both involved a sleeveless blazer either black or khaki and whichever I didn't choose to wear for the meal I would wear Friday for afternoon tea. My mum had to help me a little bit and she could understand my dilemma both would look lovely but which one for the meal. I didn’t want to wear anything that was fitted or restricting which is why in the end decided to wear black long sleeved roll neck stretch top, black treggins with a khaki belted blazer and black Chelsea boots. I felt this was more suited for a evening meal. Also it was very comfortable and wasn't over the top. Personally I think sleeveless blazers are a wardrobe staple, they go wish pretty much anything and ideal for all year around.

The meal itself was absolutely beautiful and I would recommend anyone to go there if they are around, you may wish to book in advance to avoid disappointment especially on weekends


Monday, 8 February 2016

A trip to Birmingham

Over the weekend I had gone to Birmingham, I needed some away time I haven't really been away since early December last year which is unlike me! I went Birmingham once about 5 years ago for a night out with some friends it was a good night and I always said I wanted to go back but never did until now. London is often/always my first choice of destination but this time I wanted a new place to venture to. This visit was more to get my bearings for future trips as I know I will be returning. 

I was up around 7am on my day off, as you can imagine that was not the part I was looking forward to, I had to straighten my hair and finished off packing well mainly decide what clothes I wanted to take, then I took a taxi down to the train station and that’s where the journey begun. The train left Ipswich shortly after 10:00, I then passed through London and left by 12:00 and arrived in Birmingham about 13:30pm. The journey itself was not bad at all, it went quite quickly to be honest, possibly because of the changeover in London. I had a little bit of an agenda on the way, I needed to complete my previous blog post, Maya, which had a few finishing touches to be made (now completed) and to read my book Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian, with some headphones in so I wasn't distracted by people talking. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

Maya : Black gold of the sun

Recently I was very kindly sent a new hair product which is on the market called Maya (see website here), by the lovely Michelle. She contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying the product and of course I said yes, I love trying new hair products. 
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