Thursday, 7 August 2014

Wedding no2

The weekend just gone was a little busy I had been in London Thursday and Friday and trying to find an outfit for Chanelle and Lee's wedding reception which was on Saturday. Before leaving for London I did have a browse through the high street but had no luck, the New Look Inspire section in Ipswich is not very good to be honest it just seems like they just get the frumpy looking things in, the do have the odd nice thing but you do have to search!! Anyway I was so happy to be in London to get away and do what I love SHOP. To be fair I did not know what I wanted to wear dress, trouser/skirt and top, I had gone to Westfields Stratford knowing they have a goodish selection of shops that have a reasonable amount of shops that cater for plus size. Browsing through the shops I ended up purchasing a top and skirt from New Look Inspire which is typical! I bought a Black Floral Print Skirt which is something that I can wear into the next season as the floral is on a dark background and can be easily switched from a summery outfit to a more autumn. The material on the skirt was so comfortable it wasn't tight and fitted me so well I actually went a size down as I didn't want it to look and be big. Along with the skirt I purchased a Pink V Neck Cami, the material seems a little different compared to the black one I already have but I still liked it. When it came to the wedding and actually getting ready I decided to wear the skirt with the Black Cami and took my Midi Black Cardigan (I love black too much I know!). In the end I didn't need the cardigan till very late in the evening. 

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