Sunday, 11 October 2015

Daytime Eyeliner with a sparkle

Friday I done my make up a little different to how I usually do it on my days off, I normally use Watt's Up, Hoola and mascara but I fancied a bit of eye liner. Whenever I wear eyeliner I forget how much I love the look but because I don't do it often enough it takes me a little while to get them both matching. So I had a bit of time Friday and for once I actually done my eyes before my base, it makes a massive difference so I will certainly doing this in the future. I added a little sparkle under my bottom lash line just to see how it would look instead of black and I really liked it. It is a simple look without being too done up for day time, also there is a little contour but not too much. So see below on how I created this look and the products used, I will try and do a video soon but enjoy :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stripes and Floral (oh and London)

Recently I haven't blogged as much as I've wanted and it's not that I cannot be bothered or think I will do it later, unfortunately I have been letting some things get the better of me (I know I shouldn't) and I suffer with migraines which can last days. Anyway I am back on the blogging got a few things lined up, so lets go...

A couple of weeks ago I went on an impromptu trip to my fav city, London. The main reason I went as I was lucky enough to be given a voucher for Links of London and I'd seen these adorable rose gold skull stud earrings which were calling my name. Now when I was getting ready it had taken me an age to find what to wear because it was sunny a little but warm but I knew once the sun went in it would be a little colder so I needed to take a jacket of some sort. I always find this time of year a little tricky because most days the sun is out and skies are clear but as soon as you go in the shade or it gets dark, it gets cold and you totally was not ready for that. I remember that I bought a long shirt dress from Asos Curve last year that I had my eye on for ages, I bought it but I hadn't found the right time/place to wear it until now. It's very different to what I would usual buy as it has a mix of patterns, stripes (horizontal and vertical), floral and plain white patch. I see it in my wardrobe and said yes perfect! I can take my "leather" jacket down for later when it gets a bit colder and I will be sorted. I paired it with some ponte trousers and black Chelsea boots. The good thing I love with this shirt it is versatile as it can be worn with trousers or on its own as a dress. Before I left my mum had seen it and she loved the look as much as I did, after a couple pics I made my way to London and got my earrings and had a stroll down Oxford Street. It was a relaxing evening and I definitely need to do it again sooner rather then later!


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