Monday, 20 October 2014

Ooh Check Me and My New Glasses

You may think why have I posted about some new glasses I bought but I've really been looking forward to getting them. Since I was in college (at least 4 years ago) I've worn the same glasses and I've been wanting to update the frames for so long now I feel they are outdated for me personally. My eye sight has changed slightly and I needed a new prescribed pair and as I was in Specsavers they asked if I wanted to look for some. They were very helpful (but I did feel like I was passed from person to person) and the lady that assisted me choosing them told me straight up which suited me and which didn't. As some of you may know they have 2 for 1 on their designer range, I thought hey why not :). I wanted a black pair and a pair with colour or something a little different, the only downfall was I needed a pair that suited the shape of my face that left me a bit short on selection. We found a perfect black framed Karl Largerfeld and a purple pair of Tommy Hilfiger's. I finally picked them up Friday and I'm soooo happy I finally have a new pair of glasse well two hehe. They look a lot better them my previous ones and I've had some nice compliments too but It's quite strange because my mum isn't sure on the purple ones but my dad likes them and she preferes the black ones but my dad isn't quite thinking the same. Oh well I love them both they will have to get use to them lol.
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