Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What's your favourite style of bra?

Last week Simply Be posted Bra-Humbug and What Bra Styles From The Past Are Back In Fashion? They really got me thinking about how I feel about bra shopping, not very satisfying I know a lot of you will agree with me and as fashion does certain styles come back around (like the 70’s).

Now if you have a bigger bust you will be with me and agree that shopping for bras is not very on the top of your shopping list. Years ago there would be limited styles for us slightly bigger busted girls, (quite pricey too!) they would look frumpy and you wouldn't feel sexy at all but now oh my how things have changed. There are so many companies (including ones on the high street) that now cater for all of our shapes and sizes and they are looking very gorgeous, from Marks and Spencer's, Curvy Kate, Anne Summers, Debenhams and of course Simply Be. Also they are no longer overly expensive I have bought some for £14 which to me is such a bargain! They have all come a long way with offering appealing styles like balcony/balconette, strapless and if you want to show a bit there’s plunge and being designed gorgeously.  

Looking back over the last 100 or so years when the brassieres (or as we now know bras) became more popular and the different styles were being made, some are making a return with a modern twist but some have stayed in the past (which is where some belong, sorry Madonna the bullet bra has not made this list!)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Beauty favourites over the last couple months

For a while now I haven't written a “Beauty purchases of” post which is not like me and I am sorry for this! I think part of it is I have been impressed with the Glossy Boxes that have been sent recently I haven't really purchased anything new. If you are wondering what Glossybox is, it's basically a box full of beauty products and not all of them are miniatures! A couple/few full size items and trying new brand and products is always exciting. They recently done a Nars special edition which was just amazing! I will try shortly to go through contents and write a post or a quick video. Since late August here are a few items I purchased and have been using quite a lot and will continue to use throughout this season.

Sorry this will not stay in the centre!


Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Birthday!!!

It was my birthday on Sunday so since I finished work at 12 Thursday I had literally not stopped until Sunday/Monday. As me and my best friend Sharna do we celebrate our birthdays for the whole weekend sometime even two weekends because our birthdays are 5 days apart and its become a tradition we do something together.

So when I finished work Thursday, I straight away went into the town centre and got my hair cut, it desperately needed a trim and my non existent fringe cutting back in. So with my hair cut I went for a browse but surprisingly I could not find anything I liked, I just left and headed home. Later in the evening I decided I was going London for the night as I do.
I woke up Friday thinking I would do a bit of brief shopping in London before I leave mainly because I was going out in Ipswich that night and it was my birthday weekend I wanted something new. Disappointingly I could not find anything and what I did see I knew I would be able to buy in Ipswich. I went home sad and hungry lol. When it came to choosing an outfit for the night that was stress, I knew Sharna was coming round for pre drinks but I was in a panic as nothing was going right for me, my hair was taking forever and my make up (don't go there). She came with a bottle of wine luckily by this point I had minimal but my going out make up done just needed her opinion on the outfit which I went for all black (that's totally not like me lol). We had a good night seeing loads of people who we don't see so much any more. All in all it was a good night.

Dress : High neck sleeveless Asos Curve
Jacket : Longline 3/4 sleeve Primark
Shoes : Open toe fringe Carvela

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Daytime Eyeliner with a sparkle

Friday I done my make up a little different to how I usually do it on my days off, I normally use Watt's Up, Hoola and mascara but I fancied a bit of eye liner. Whenever I wear eyeliner I forget how much I love the look but because I don't do it often enough it takes me a little while to get them both matching. So I had a bit of time Friday and for once I actually done my eyes before my base, it makes a massive difference so I will certainly doing this in the future. I added a little sparkle under my bottom lash line just to see how it would look instead of black and I really liked it. It is a simple look without being too done up for day time, also there is a little contour but not too much. So see below on how I created this look and the products used, I will try and do a video soon but enjoy :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Stripes and Floral (oh and London)

Recently I haven't blogged as much as I've wanted and it's not that I cannot be bothered or think I will do it later, unfortunately I have been letting some things get the better of me (I know I shouldn't) and I suffer with migraines which can last days. Anyway I am back on the blogging got a few things lined up, so lets go...

A couple of weeks ago I went on an impromptu trip to my fav city, London. The main reason I went as I was lucky enough to be given a voucher for Links of London and I'd seen these adorable rose gold skull stud earrings which were calling my name. Now when I was getting ready it had taken me an age to find what to wear because it was sunny a little but warm but I knew once the sun went in it would be a little colder so I needed to take a jacket of some sort. I always find this time of year a little tricky because most days the sun is out and skies are clear but as soon as you go in the shade or it gets dark, it gets cold and you totally was not ready for that. I remember that I bought a long shirt dress from Asos Curve last year that I had my eye on for ages, I bought it but I hadn't found the right time/place to wear it until now. It's very different to what I would usual buy as it has a mix of patterns, stripes (horizontal and vertical), floral and plain white patch. I see it in my wardrobe and said yes perfect! I can take my "leather" jacket down for later when it gets a bit colder and I will be sorted. I paired it with some ponte trousers and black Chelsea boots. The good thing I love with this shirt it is versatile as it can be worn with trousers or on its own as a dress. Before I left my mum had seen it and she loved the look as much as I did, after a couple pics I made my way to London and got my earrings and had a stroll down Oxford Street. It was a relaxing evening and I definitely need to do it again sooner rather then later!



Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A Stroll Before I Go Back To Work

Yesterday was my last day off before I go back to work after just over a week off :( I didn't wan to just sit around and do nothing so I popped to town just to have a browse and possibly buy a pair of leggins I'd seen in New Look Inspire a few days ago. I couldn't decide what to wear so I wore what I know best.. Black (lol). I wore the most comfortable leggings I own stretchy plain black leggings from Marks and Spencer, these are the best I have come across after years of searching but for the last two years they have never disappointed. I had this long line dip hem shirt (purchased a couple years back) and a pair of simple black sandals, 
both from New Look. They no longer stock the black ones but they have them in white or here is a similar pair in black. I think I have a bit of an addiction to New Look, they have got some nice statement pieces coming in this season, I'm a little excited an excuse to shop!! I was very minimal with my jewellery as I only wore the cutest little dainty Scorpio necklace I got from River Island a few days prior. I almost forgot my leopard print bow belt from Primark which matches my phone case :)


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Beauty fav's of July

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the delay with this post I've had some time off recently, been having some fun at Notting Hill Carnival and relaxing!!

This post is slightly different instead of all the beauty buys I've selected my favourites, which are my purchases from Wales! It was my fist time in Mac actually speaking to someone about what I wanted and it was quite nice because it was so early in the morning I was like the first customer and only for a while. After having my make up done I also had my first experience in Jo Malone. 

I wanted a decent foundation and after reading so many reviews on websites/blogs I decided that I would go with a Mac foundation, something not too heavy but has enough coverage but nothing sheer. I did have an idea of what kind of ones I was looking for but she asked what my needs were so medium coverage, kind of matte finish and the main thing I have combination skin tone and she came back with the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in NC25, she applied it and the coverage was exactly what I wanted, wasn't too heavy you could still see my freckles slightly beneath but that was fine. The only problem is if I get a slight tan it may be a little pale for me but can always purchase a darker shade.

My first Mac lipstick moment was so exiting I couldn't resist myself. Nudes are me at the moment especially when I go out, they are perfect for day and night time, she picked out one and I tried it but it wasn't what I was looking for then she got Velvet Teddy and straight away I was like yes this is the one!

I kind of needed a new mascara as my They're Real slowly running out, so when it comes to this I want VOLUME, I love long lashes. I luckily have naturally long lashes but adding mascara just makes my eyes pop more I think. So when she applied Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash I was more shocked then when I first tried on They're Real.

Lastly, Jo Malone. This shop is just amazing, I will definitely be returning to a store closer to me when I next go away. I have written a separate post about my experience read here.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My first Jo Malone experience

Whilst I was in Cardiff I had an opportunity to visit Jo Malone (excited much!!), I knew if I went into the store I wouldn't be leaving without buying something even if it was a candle just to say I've been. I'm not sure about you but whenever I see their products they always remind me of something classy and sophisticated a pure luxury scent. So I decided to do a bit of retail therapy the day before leaving and I couldn't resist walking in after getting my make up done in Mac, I felt a little better about myself to be honest. I walked in and straight away was greeted by a lovely woman who asked if I had ever been before or know how it works. I was a little confused when she said how work its because I had thought you have a look around smell and see what you like but no I was wrong. They basically have a "light" and "intense" fragrances and if you can mix the two together and make your own. There is such a range of light scents anyone can go in and you will be able to find a scent which is for you from citrus to floral to spicy. Also with the intense colognes they may seem a bit random but they smell dark and mysterious. After some time in the shop smelling all these different smells no idea which one to buy. I make up my mind and purchase the Peony and Blush Suede its such a beautiful scent, I fell in love with it straight away, I also did love an intense one but for love nor money I cannot remember which one it was. This particular fragrance is under the floral range and boasts of peonies (of course) with flirtatious hints of red apple, jasmine, rose and gillyflower but with a sensual blush suede. The good thing is when I bought it she had taken my details down and they are now stored on their system and she has added the intense one on my wish list so when I next visit they can just quickly pull my details up and check. The service was just superb, she was pleasant and helpful, I could of easily purchased half the store. Since wearing this on a few occasions, I have had so many compliment with this scent. I would highly recommend if you have never been to Jo Malone, YOU MUST GO!



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dorothy Perkins Sale!!

So if you haven't seen already Dorothy Perkins have a brilliant summer sale going on. There are so many things I want that I know I shouldn't buy! Last week I made a cheeky purchased, I did have to limit myself to what I wanted to purchase and actually what I needed. Dorothy Perkins unfortunately don't have a wide range of plus sizes as they only go up to a size 22 but I find some of their clothes very generous in size and I sometimes think I should have maybe purchased some things in a smaller size but then I think I like the look where clothes just fall over you. They do the most comfortable stretch skinny trousers and I would recommend them to anyone, ideal for work and weekends.

Here is some of my favourites including what I bought of course...

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Scrunchies are back !!

Recently I purchased a Topshop black and gold baroque scrunchie, as soon as I saw it is automatically fell in love and purchased it. It reminds me so much of the 90's when I was growing up and as much as I prefer my hair down it is nice to tie it up out of my face. I need to invest in more of these especially for the summer. I think 90's is making a come back a little especially with the jelly shoes but I can't find myself going back to them although they do look nice on other people but they not for me second time round I think I'll stick my my Ted Baker Jelly Sandals

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Beauty buys of June

Last month was more about the new summer scents and new moisturisers as I've heard its good to change now and again.. See what I purchased below :)


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I'm wearing a maxi dress!!

Whilst we was in Cardiff it started to get quite a bit warmer then expected, me and my mum panicked a bit thinking we may need more summery clothing as we didn't pack any. We was just browsing around and now I find it hard to find clothes like, just too fussy. Surprisingly my mum found this long maxi swing dress in khaki from H&M, because of the style and colour she said it would suit me so well. I find the sizing in H&M so odd at times, on the tag they said it was available in XL but do you think I could find it, so I looked at the L and though ooh I will try it on see how it fits you never know. Well I was very surprised once I tried it on, it was fine it fitted so well and is a perfect length for me. Now I am not one for long maxi dresses as I am a little conscious of how they look on me but I thought I do not actually care I need something that will keep me cool and I personally thinks it looks nice on me. So I purchased it then I went to New Look and purchased a lace kimono which suited it perfectly and some lace up sandals from Primark. I didn't wear the outfit whilst in Cardiff but it got hotter in Ipswich when we got back and it was perfect when I went for lunch with Nowara Friday. We often forget that we do have some nice views in Ipswich but we only said this as we walked a long the docks seeing the different buildings and the water reflecting it was so calming. We had a cheeky Nandos (as you do), browsed through the town and finished off with a Costa and a long chat about everything. A few pics were snapped as the sun was setting. Oooooh and I had to finish off the outfit wit my stunning Fiorelli, Luella bag and unfortunately is out of stock in orange but they do seem to have other colours available, click here (some currently on sale too!).



Saturday, 4 July 2015

Family Reunion - Cardiff 2015

Back in February my Nan (mums side) told us that the family in Wales are arranging a family reunion where my great grandmother lived, immediately we said yes we are going, it was something that had no question about it. My mum was born in Wales but hasn't been back for over 25 years, myself and my dad have never been, it was a chance to meet some more of the family as I met a small amount whilst a few of us went to London in 2010. Now I've been told soo many times I have a big family and a lot of cousins but because we live so far away from them its sometimes hard to believe. Anyway last weekend we drove down to Cardiff which has some beautiful scenery along the way and as soon as we got to our hotel that was it, there was the start of the crazy weekend. If we wasn't at the hotel or shopping we was at my mums cousins house, Karen. My nan, both aunties and cousin styed with Karen for the weekend so we popped round Karen's the Friday to meet and greet have a few drinks and catch up, a couple more of my mums cousin came round with their kids and all we did was laugh. Also we had noticed that Karen had a picture of my great grandmother and some of her children, it was so amazing to see how beautiful she was.
My great grandmother and some of my great aunties and uncle

Saturday was the day of the reunion at Butetown Community Centre, we arrived and my mum stood there for a few minutes just remembering how it was when she grew up and how much it had changed since she was last there. We all walked in and it was kind of like erm now what do we do because there was a lot of people there we did not know as there is two sides the family, Grahams (us) and Ernest. We came across a picture of a couple in Victorian times which turns out to be my great grandmothers parents and we sat there for a little bit trying to work it out which seemed confusing to start with but it was explained to us and that was where we all came from.
*Continue reading for more pictures*


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Beauty buys of May

I treated myself a little bit this month with some new Benefit make up and Tangle Teezer and a couple usual products. I don't know about you but when you buy new make up (not renewing) I feel so excited to use it and try different looks. The buzz you get to try out that new lipstick or what I'm liking at the moment highlighter! That glowing skin especially now summer is coming. See below the few products I bought last month...


Monday, 1 June 2015

Do You Juice?

Some of you may have noticed some unappealing green drinks I have been making recently and then some more appealing pink ones, well the story behind it is I don't get enough good food in my body and I want it to change. I know for a fact I don't eat enough fruit let alone trying to reach the 5 a day (including veg). I enjoy and love eating fruit but sometimes it seems like such a force to eat it so I thought there must be another way for me to get the goodness and seeing all over the internet that people are on this juicing thing. You may be thinking but smoothies (as some would call it) have been about for years which I know that but its now become something more out there to do and making them yourself is more fun as buying them from shops or doing the juice detoxes can be quite/very expensive. I researched a green juice which includes spinach to begin with as I have been adding this to nearly every dinner I eat and found a few for beginners which are very simple to do which I will give you a basic recipe of one I make. I will mix it up a bit have a spinach based one or a berry based both taste good an are good for you and as a plus I am feeling a lot better in myself, will soon be looking at other recipes soon to try.
See below of the recipes I currently make using the Breville Blend Active

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Beauty buys of April

Last month I only purchased a few things compared to previous months and this month lol. I think it's because I didn't really need anything or nothing really grabbed my attention that much but this months will be more interesting :) There will be two things I will always love and continue to buy for like ever, which they are Victoria Secrets body sprays and Bourjois lipsticks.

The sprays are just amazing, the scent lasts long as well which is kind of surprising for a spray like this. They are available in their Westfields Stratford store (and online) which is a bit of an excuse to go London if I'm running low and I get excited when I do go, either re stocking on ones I've already had or looking for a new one to add to the collection. Along with body sprays they also have other products in their VS Fantasies collection like : body lotion, shower gel, eau de toilette ideal for a night out and mists/oils. You may think they are a little pricey but purchase them with the offer they have which I believe is 5 products for £30 which is so worth it as they last so long. I was given a travel bottle of Hello Darling and fell in love with it straight away and is coming to an end so I had to repurchase it but they don't do this one in the UK store but luckily found it on Ebay. Most of their scents remind me of summer I think mainly because I first purchased them in the summer but they are all refreshing. Hello Darling's scent is white nectarine and peony.

Left to right 01 Appechissant, 09 Happy Nude Year, 02 Rosé on the rocks

When it comes to buying lipsticks I find myself being at the Bourjois stand, I have no idea why. After purchasing some of the Rouge Edition Velvet matte reds last year sometime I was impressed with the staying power of it I then tried some nudes in the Rouge Edition which I think if you want to wear lipstick but your unsure of what colour or you don't want to be over the top you can't go wrong with a nude. Bourjois have recently come out with the Rouge Edition Aqua Laque which I thought I'd try as I have previously been impressed but I was a little disappointed with this. The staying power is not as strong as the others (mattes), I found it to be more like a lip gloss and I found myself re applying throughout a night out, I will still use it but maybe use an actual lipstick as a base and apply this on top.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Last couple weeks shopping haul

I have been a little naughty over the last couple weeks shopping when I don't really need to but that's what I love to do. Now that the season is changing I thought it was time for some change/update on a few things and I'm slowly getting out of the by everything in black mode. You may notice that H&M is a shop I'm slightly obsessed with but they are reasonably priced and always have what I'm looking for. You may think I've bought a fair few bits but this is just the beginning of change for me. So here's what I purchased in the last two weeks and there will be more to come !!


About last night

A few of us from my work place had got together for drinks to celebrate one of the girls birthday. Prior to the evening it was the case of what am I going to wear, I had to wear my Carvela fringed shoe boots but what else?! Looking through my wardrobe and then online, I then purchased a black high neck dress from Asos Curve and when I tried it on with my white long line jacket from Primark it looked perfect. A classic classy look (well I though so anyway). I don't think Primark still do the jacket but I know there is plenty similar in shops still. The dress is very comfortable and did not rise or feel awkward in any places but walking up and down stairs was a bit of a stretch lol. We all had a funny night, a lot of laughing and few drinks and some dancing. I woke up fine this morning but I know there is a few of them that were feeling a little under the weather. x


Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Kimono is out

Yesterday was a beautiful day, me and my mum decided to go for lunch at our favourite place Mizu and do a little shopping (like I really need to do any lol). It was a warm day but had a little breeze at times but it was comfortable unlike today, rainy and a bit chilly. When the suns out I feel very happy a lot of people can relate, the sun is an instant mood changer. I dressed very casual, light pair of jeggings, black top and the most comfortable pair of sandals I forgot I even had. I was feeling a little plain so I had a light bulb moment and decided to wear the mono print kimono from Asos Curve a month or so ago. I kept everything else to a minimum, natural look make up, little jewellery and I didn't even paint my nails! Sometimes I think being minimal is just what's needed and you don't need to constantly be dressed to the nines that becomes a full time job in itself!
Top : Asos Curve, sold out but click here for similar style
Jeggins : F and F, sold out but click here for similar style
Sandals : New Look, sold out but click here for similar style (all white)
Earrings : River Island, sold out but click here for similar style
Sunglasses : River Island, sold out but click here for similar style


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Handbags, handbags and more handbags

A slight random post but if anyone truly knows me they know that I have a bit of a handbag addiction and majority of them are not small either. My mum forever moans at me if I get a new bag but I think one can never have enough bags hehe :) They are all different style (a lot of them black) but they all have their own uses : totes for carrying absolutely everything, over body for essentials and mini ones for the very bare essentials. I prefer the oversized bags even when it comes to some clutch bags I own, I just know I can get everything I need in especially when I'm working I don't want to be carrying another bag for my lunch it's just too much! I do own smaller bags but I can't help myself but to buy a bigger one but there is a downfall to owning an oversized bags and bin one of these females who carries everything for those just in case moments is I'm often taking out half the contents to find what it is I'm looking for BUT I have found a resolution and its called Cocoon Grid It. I came across it in a magazine whilst at work, its this hard back grid with elastic strips up and down it and its designed to keep loose items all together. I haven't yet used it but I know it will definitely come in use when I go away. I have bought bags from up and down the high street from Accessorize to Zara, there are so many out there I love/d but the one thing that gets my full approval is the durability of it. Some bags I've had in the past don't even make it to the end of that season which as you can imagine is disappointing to say the least which is why I am little hesitate in purchasing any River Island bags that I would use as an everyday bag as I have found the handles to split and its not even down to me putting a lot in them or abusing it but hopefully they will change in the near future?
The pictures above are just SOME of the bags I own and below are some of the essential bags I use or what I use them for.
The Everyday
This is my absolute favourite!! It fits everything in ad is perfect for travelling, can be carried over your arm of if you don't want put it over your shoulder. I must admit I do lie to have an option especially if I am shopping and I buy a few things it gets a little annoying having it over my arm. This is still available from H&M but the have sold out of the black croc on line but see here for other colours.
The Summer Evening
First of all it is the complete opposite colour to what I would usually buy but that's why I bought it. This little laser cut out bag was versatile as the strap is detachable is ideal for them summer evenings going for drinks and other occasion. Unfortunately this has completely sold out at River Island, I purchased it last summer.
The Shopper
My favourite print LEOPARD. Now this is an additional bag I will carry if I'm doing a bit of shopping when I know I will just end up carrying loads of little bags, you could say I'm doing my bit for the environment by taking this with me and not accepting the plastic bags :) I bought this from Sainsburys, Lulu Guinness for Comic Relief, most stores have now sold out :(
The Cross Body
You know them days you don't want to actually carry I bag over your arm and it will just ache after some time, this Topshop cross body bag I bought at least 3 years ago and is still going strong and amazingly still looks like brand new. Unlike a lot of cross body bags that are around the actual strap that goes across your body can go super long when you are a little taller you don't really want your bag feeling like its right under your armpit!


Monday, 16 March 2015

Beauty buys of February

I am so sorry this is like super late, I've been tired, busy and in London but I'm back! I had bought a few things that are not normally products I'd buy, I think its mainly because I'm trying to use different things and try other ways to manage my combination skin and look after it more. I've had so many spots in the past and still get them so I'm left with the after math of the red marks which my mum says they are not there but I know they are. I'm currently reading Sali Hughes "Pretty Honest" book and so far this has actually helped and educated me more in the world of beauty products from what foundation is best to use to hair removal! I'm still yet to finish the book but once I do it will certainly be something I will keep on my desk to hand if I ever need a little advice on something. Some of the below are not out of the norm for me but they are a different brand or something completely new to my daily regime, which when I have it perfectly sorted I will post but at the moment I 'm still in trial and error mode lol.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 wishlist so far.....

Well over the last week or so it has been rather sunny, apart from the odd day of horrendous rain, seeing he sun has lifted my spirits up a bit which is good after feeling so rubbish for weeks. I could say I've started a spring clean and finally sorted out my clothes, given a lot to a local charity shop (first good deed so far of the year) and thrown out the ones I've worn to death, my shoes and bags are next and I'm totally dreading it. Now because its been sunnier its making me more think of the up and coming season clothes and accessories *excited much another reason to shop, like I need a reason lol*. So I've been looking online seeing what's about, now I'm not one to totally be one to be on trend I rather buy clothes I like and not because that's what's in season. Monochrome is still around *yay*, neutral tones, some pops of colour like yellow and some pale colours are about too.  Of course there is more for example; floral prints you cant go wrong with and 70's look is making its way back but personally I'm unsure of this one. We still have another month or so before the weather starts to properly warm up so I'm tying to hold out a little a bit on buying clothes but I know if I hold out too long everything I like will be gone (like the lace bottom legging shorts from Asos Curve!), unlike before I am starting like now! I was a bit naughty last and bought Asos Curve mono print duster jacket which is not a jacket it anyway more like a kimono type "jacket". Below you will see just some of the clothes and accessories that I'm really loving at the moment and if you want to see more check out my Pinterest :) ... Look to the right an you will see the link straight to my page >>>>>>>

1. Asos Curve, Mono Floral Print Jacket (FYI this is no jacket it's more like a kimono, which is perfect for me)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Beauty buys of January

It's a few days later then usual sorry! I have bought (including spending some of the points I have on my Boots card but still have loads left) quite a few beauty products this month but I am only showing the main ones and my favourites. January has been a bit of a dull month to be honest I've just felt so depressed and with the cold weather coming as well I haven't wanted to leave my house and do anything I even went to London last weekend and unlike me I did not go shopping, what is wrong with me!! Anyway back onto the subject, below is some of the products I purchased and so pleased with (click continue reading for more description on them). 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Swing Dresses from Amazon

Recently I purchased a couple swing dresses from, I was a little sceptical on buying them and wondered what the material would be like, if they would even fit how they should and would they even be long enough.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beauty buys of December

Here's some of the beauty items I've purchased throughout December. I've been using them as well and all so far so amazing.

Home made body scrub

For Christmas I decided to actually make a present instead of buying one, I thought it would be more of a personal present. I wanted something Christmassy so I chose cinnamon as a base and then looked all over the Internet to see what recipes I could find and what would go best.I kept it quite basic as this was my first ever attempt of even making anything like this before. To go with the cinnamon I picked Madagasca Vanilla essence. Here is a list of what I used and how I made it :)

Planning for New Years

Me and Nowara have decided we are going London for NYE this year and we're super excited!! At the moment we have no idea where exactly we are going but will find a bar but if someone can recommend somewhere get in touch with me !! The next major thing on my mind is what do I wear ?! It's going to be cold but I don't want to be wrapped up in thick jumpers and all sorts. After browsing on line I've come across some things I wouldn't mind purchasing and having as an option to wear. Below I've found a few things online as some options and will eventually pick something to wear.

1. Rose Print Shirt - New Look Inspire
2. Faux Stone Cut Ring - Forever21
3. Long Sleeved Swing Dress - Pink Clove
4. Red Sequin Tunic Dress - New Look Inspire
5. Wet Look Leggings - New Look Inspire (now out of stock)
7. 'What Ever' Clutch Bag - New Look
9. Bubbly Bag - New Look
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