Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

For a few months I have been planning to go to Carnival but was unsure what day I was going on or anything. In the end me and my two aunties and nan decided to go. We had been looking at the weather until the morning we was leaving and it was just showing pure rain the whole day non stop. It was sure to be right because we got soaked but that did not stop us. We had set off from Ipswich from early due to there being rail works on part of the journey we got to London Liverpool street and got our underground ticket and set off. We had to buy rain macs to try keep us dry a bit more, it did work to a point. My feet were drenched to the point I was squelching as I was walking but hey it was funny we all was squelching. We did have a laugh besides the weather, had some drinks danced in the rain. Unfortunately I did not get many pics because of the rain but I did manage to get selfies with the family lol...

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