Saturday, 13 December 2014

Catching up with some family

Yesterday I met up with my Nan I haven't seen her in a month which is not good but we decided to meet up in town get a couple bits and just have a catch up. We strolled through high street popped in a couple shops, I saw a few things I liked but I was looking for a blazer or pair of leggings or jeggings or jeans in a lighter colour (all I have is dark colours, mainly black!). I was happy to find a blazer, that I had been looking at online for a while, in New Look Inspire, I tried it on and it was perfect very comfortable and stretchy it wasn't the kind that made you feel restricted at all. I had to purchase it along with a grey and neon pink floral scarf, if you know me you know I love scarves! Also I had popped to Tesco's as I had no luck in the town centre with finding any leggings/jeggings and actually found some skinny jeggings in a light stone wash colour from the F&F section. I haven't got a picture of them yet but I'm sure you will see them soon on my Instagram, LOL! Later in the evening me and my Aunties, Nan and Cousin were invited to a friend of the familys for a few drinks which turned out to be a classic family get together. We all had such a laugh some drinks, dancing and talking about this summer. One thing that was mentioned, was about the Global Rhythm music in the park day that happens every year in Christchurch Park and this year its on 12th July from 1pm - 7pm. We had all been to last years and we all thoroughly enjoyed it but hadn't arranged anything between ourselves to take any food or set up a spot so we could sit instead of standing all day. We have decided for a few us to all make some food and make a day of it and have a picnic in the park and enjoy the music and hopefully it will be a beautiful day! So that is something I'm currently looking forward to in the summer.
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