Friday, 11 April 2014

Mama Mia an Tea at the Ritz.. Amazing!!

Yesterday I started my day by waking up at 7am and I was not impressed as it was my day off but it as for a good cause as myself, my Mum and Nan were going to my favourite city, London, in celebration of my Nan's 70th Birthday. Surprisingly I was ready and packed to go by 9:45, for anyone who knows me this is an achievement as I'm not normally ready on time! But I do make it wherever I'm going (how I don't know! LOL). I was struggling so much to even pack my suitcase as we all know this British weather can be deceiving and change all of a sudden but I saw it was sunny in the morning and was warmish I braved it and decided to dig a pair of my Ted Baker sandals out from under my bed and seize the moment! We arrived in London Liverpool Street just after midday and then made our way on the underground to Holborn and then a short walk to our hotel, in Covent Garden. By the time we got out of the tube station it was a warm and sunny day and it was perfect as we heard the weather going to be terrible next week? We got a quick bite to eat the had to get refreshed and ready to make our way to the show which was due to start at 3pm. 

I had two outfits planned but I opted for a sleeveless black midi dress with a red Aztec kimono (River Island) pair of flat black shoes for comfort as we was walking to the Novello Theatre from the hotel and we was not exactly too sure how long it would take us. We arrived in plenty of time bought a programme for souvenir and then went to find our seats. The show was absolutely amazing, the singing and dancing. There was many naughty gestures and funny bits, it will certainly keep you entertained! As it was all our first time we did not know what to expect but I will certainly be seeing shows in the future! The only downfall is the seating as I am slightly taller for a female there was no leg room and being sat down for so long and pretty much no space to move around it did become a little uncomfortable.

After the show we made our way to Leicester Square station (as Covent Garden was closed) to then make our way to Green Park to have Tea at the Ritz. We arrived super early so we decided to pop to a coffee shop just to get a drink whilst we waited. When it got closer to our Tea sitting I changed my shoes and opted for a pair of black court heels instead of the flat shoes. It was very frustrating walking in the heels as they kept getting caught in the cracks of the pavement and nearly lost my heels a few times which my mum and nan found this funny. We walked in and it was just stunning lost for words the décor was just simply beautiful just as you step into the Tea Room there was a gentleman playing the piano which just completed it. We were seated and had a chance to take it all in and see what teas were available. I went with one of my favourite teas Rooibos Red Tea, another gentleman came but with our perfectly cut sandwiches and a few cakes, then our tea arrived and they poured us all our first cup. Later they brought out freshly made scones which were still warm and some clotted cream and jam, they were amazingggg!! We enjoyed several cups of our chosen tea, sandwiches and cake and scones which was more than enough and I should have ate but I was in the Ritz it had to be done. Once we finished I decided to put my flat shoes back on and we made our way back to the hotel we was all drained after such a long day but we did manage to have a glass of wine or two to finish the day off in style.

Overall Thursday was a very enjoyable day ! Will definetely recommend this to anybody but maybe do them on seperate days..
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