Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Beauty favourites over the last couple months

For a while now I haven't written a “Beauty purchases of” post which is not like me and I am sorry for this! I think part of it is I have been impressed with the Glossy Boxes that have been sent recently I haven't really purchased anything new. If you are wondering what Glossybox is, it's basically a box full of beauty products and not all of them are miniatures! A couple/few full size items and trying new brand and products is always exciting. They recently done a Nars special edition which was just amazing! I will try shortly to go through contents and write a post or a quick video. Since late August here are a few items I purchased and have been using quite a lot and will continue to use throughout this season.

Sorry this will not stay in the centre!

Barry M have brought out this daylight curing gel like nail varnish which you have to use with their top coat as it won’t work. At first I was a little unsure of this and that I would have to sit and wait for at least two coats of nail varnish to dry but I just bought it mainly because I loved the dark red. One night I finally decided to paint my nails and wanted to try the red, well Vegeance is Wine. I really could not be bothered to do two coats of the colour so I just done the one and once that was dry applied the top coat. Surprisingly it dried quicker than I expected and once they were dry they were so glossy and looked like they were done professionally, it is very certain to say I will be getting more colours! Just a small thing is I noticed after a few days it started to peel off but it may not have helped the amount of washing up I had done?


In Boots at the time they had an offer, if you was to spend £7 or more on Barry M you got a free Gelly Hi Shine Lips who would say no to that?! There was a few choices but I wanted something could easily wear during the day (for lunch or meeting the girls) and vamp up a little in the evening. After a little looking I went for a darker nude like colour, you cannot go wrong with nudes, my collection is growing, to be exact I chose Orion. It’s certainly glossy and is nice to wear and with the colder days appearing it is not drying, just a shame they don’t have other shades available as they only have 7 out at the moment.


Quite a few years ago I purchased Benefits Don’t Stray primer, it was so old I had the version which had the pump bottle as I recently discovered they stopped this and have a wand application now. To be honest I knew mine needed replacing as it became separated within the bottle. This has to be one of the best primer/concealers I’ve owned, it does not budge and you have to be quick with the application if not it is very hard to blend in. I would also recommend this when using eyeshadow or I use it as a stand alone concealer either way is great!


Highlighting has become a very good friend of mine, I just love the instant glow it gives especially in the summer and even now the weather is changing you can’t help but give your skin that little boost. I purchased Watt’s Up a few months ago which is a champagne colour and I wanted something with a little pink hue. When I was getting my eyebrows done in Benefit I had asked about High Beam as I had seen that being used but I was recommended the Girl Meets Pearl, it has a bit more pink hue and would suit my skin tone better. You really don’t have to use much of it and I apply to my cheekbones and add a little blusher and off I go.


For Novembers beauty buys I will be focusing on mainly on brushes, so keep an eye out

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