Sunday, 8 March 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 wishlist so far.....

Well over the last week or so it has been rather sunny, apart from the odd day of horrendous rain, seeing he sun has lifted my spirits up a bit which is good after feeling so rubbish for weeks. I could say I've started a spring clean and finally sorted out my clothes, given a lot to a local charity shop (first good deed so far of the year) and thrown out the ones I've worn to death, my shoes and bags are next and I'm totally dreading it. Now because its been sunnier its making me more think of the up and coming season clothes and accessories *excited much another reason to shop, like I need a reason lol*. So I've been looking online seeing what's about, now I'm not one to totally be one to be on trend I rather buy clothes I like and not because that's what's in season. Monochrome is still around *yay*, neutral tones, some pops of colour like yellow and some pale colours are about too.  Of course there is more for example; floral prints you cant go wrong with and 70's look is making its way back but personally I'm unsure of this one. We still have another month or so before the weather starts to properly warm up so I'm tying to hold out a little a bit on buying clothes but I know if I hold out too long everything I like will be gone (like the lace bottom legging shorts from Asos Curve!), unlike before I am starting like now! I was a bit naughty last and bought Asos Curve mono print duster jacket which is not a jacket it anyway more like a kimono type "jacket". Below you will see just some of the clothes and accessories that I'm really loving at the moment and if you want to see more check out my Pinterest :) ... Look to the right an you will see the link straight to my page >>>>>>>

1. Asos Curve, Mono Floral Print Jacket (FYI this is no jacket it's more like a kimono, which is perfect for me)
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