Sunday, 3 May 2015

Last couple weeks shopping haul

I have been a little naughty over the last couple weeks shopping when I don't really need to but that's what I love to do. Now that the season is changing I thought it was time for some change/update on a few things and I'm slowly getting out of the by everything in black mode. You may notice that H&M is a shop I'm slightly obsessed with but they are reasonably priced and always have what I'm looking for. You may think I've bought a fair few bits but this is just the beginning of change for me. So here's what I purchased in the last two weeks and there will be more to come !!

The Bag
You may recognise this bag because I already own this but in a black croc, its so spacious and fits everything in so when I see they had this in pink I had to purchase it for the summer. This is still in stock on line, click here.
The vests
If you own see through shirts or tops you will have a ton of these long line vest tops. I have them in different colours they are perfect for underneath tops
The lint rollers
Having two dogs these are a life saver, their hairs get everywhere and if I'm wearing anything dark trying to get them off individually can be a nightmare and now they do these in a mini version they are ideal for on the go! They have sold out on line but here is some similar, unfortunately they don't have the nice colourful patterns on them :(
The travel storage bags
It is so hard to find a bag to put your underwear and socks in whilst your away, I purchased a silk like material many years ago from Next and it started fraying and I've eventually had to look for a new one, I struggled so much without spending a stupid amount of money so I resorted to like a make up bag in Primark but when I as in H&M I found these beauties pack of three, one for shoes, jewellery and underwear and I purchased the last one in store so I was super happy the have them online still click here
The oversized top
My local New Look Inspire has a very small selection of clothes in store and not a great variety but I did find this long line top. I wanted it oversized so I got it a couple sizes bigger. It will be perfect with jeans and this belt too . They also have it in other colour, click here to see
The Books
Ahh books. I'm still reading my Sali Hughes Pretty Honest but I needed to get something for when I finish. My mum loves a book and she was looking which then made me start looking, I came across Beauty by Louise Mensch and The Curvy Girls Club by Michelle Gorman  and both of these seemed very interesting and very me. These were purchased in The Works and were on offer three books for £5 of course I got my mum one as well :)
The summer purse
I was always about having a big purse but lately I'd rather have a smaller one and this for me is certainly it. As soon as I see this in store and the colour I had to have it, I have a nail varnish which matches the colour and I'm wearing it right now lol. The only downfall to having this the coin part is quite small so at the moments it's a little bit of a squeeze. See it here.

The head jewellery
Nowara had been in our newly refurbished Topshop store recently and said she had seen some of the head jewellery and thought of me straight away and how much I'd like them. I had to take a look and see what she was talking about and she was not wrong, I could have bought a few but I started with this one first of all, looking forward to wearing it! Unfortunately I cannot find this one I purchased but click here for another style that I like too
The sunglasses
I was just walking past the sunglasses stand and these caught my eye, in the picture below you cant see the colour that great but I liked these because they were green and oversized which is something I have been looking for for a while now. Also which I didn't know you get a free wallet with them, I'm assuming you would get one if u purchase them online too?
The on the go essentials bag
This purchase was kind of something I needed. What ever handbag I carry I always have a mini make up/essentials bag to have anything like a comb, hair grips, plasters and make up bits. The one I have is a little bit worn not much space in it so when I see this was clear and the size was ideal and at a bargain price of £3.99 couldn't go wrong.

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