Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Beauty buys of June

Last month was more about the new summer scents and new moisturisers as I've heard its good to change now and again.. See what I purchased below :)

Victoria Secrets - Sheer Love and Total Attraction and Sunset Lipgloss
When in Stratford you have to take a trip to Victoria Secrets, if you don't there is clearly something wrong with you.. Anyway I wanted some new scents as I always buy the same (even though they have become my signature scents for day time), I like fruity sometimes a bit of citrus freshness but to be honest I would rather smell something and I'll either love it or hate it like marmite I suppose lol. There are two new additions to the VS Fantasies : Sheer Love which is white cotton and luminous pink lily and Total Attraction which is cherry orchid and lily blossom. Both of these are soooo nice, Sheer Love I would say to use for like subtle days when you don't want over powering scent ideal for work or running errands. Total attraction is a little more fruity and flirty so would be ideal on a date or if you want to smell scrumptious out with your girls. I did pickup a lipgloss I thought the packaging was just super cute it has this ombrĂ©, it's a flavoured lipgloss called Sunset orange rush, the only downfall with this product is it is very glossy so some advice use it when your hair will not be in your face!

Garnier Moisture Matte and Moisture Radiance
Being in Boots is a bad idea because I always come out with something, no matte how small it is I always buy something. I didn't really need these moisturisers but I have had in the back of my mind to research some and see what's about. These were both literally an impulse purchase, they were on offer and I know Garnier skin care range is often quite good. As you may know from previous posts I suffer with oily skin and I thought the matte would be good but is oil free so I was unsure if I should or not. Then I feel sometimes my skin can look a little dull as I have some uneven so I thought about the radiance one as well. Ermm I purchased both (naughty I know) I've tried them both out boh completely different textures, the matte one was more like a thick cream which seemed to take a while to set into my skin and didn't keep my skin matte for that long and the radiance one was more like a gel and you seriously do not need a lot again I didn't see any results with this. 

Ted Baker Pink
Another body spray I know but I cannot resist a bit of Ted Baker, recently they have released their new collection and have changed the packaging which I absolutely love to me now it now matches the main clothes and products they sell. This is not an over powering scent like the previous sprays its quite nice and seems relaxed. They sell them in big and mini bottles which is always idea for on the go and weekends away.

As a Bourjois lipstick fan I couldn't resist trying their shine edition collection, I wanted a nude like one with a little shimmer, enough so I can where anytime of the day. I found this which is number26 Beige Democraphic. When I got hom and tied it one I was like omg love it my mum had seen it and she loved it too so from there I knew I had made the right choice.

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