Sunday, 3 May 2015

About last night

A few of us from my work place had got together for drinks to celebrate one of the girls birthday. Prior to the evening it was the case of what am I going to wear, I had to wear my Carvela fringed shoe boots but what else?! Looking through my wardrobe and then online, I then purchased a black high neck dress from Asos Curve and when I tried it on with my white long line jacket from Primark it looked perfect. A classic classy look (well I though so anyway). I don't think Primark still do the jacket but I know there is plenty similar in shops still. The dress is very comfortable and did not rise or feel awkward in any places but walking up and down stairs was a bit of a stretch lol. We all had a funny night, a lot of laughing and few drinks and some dancing. I woke up fine this morning but I know there is a few of them that were feeling a little under the weather. x

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