Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beauty buys of December

Here's some of the beauty items I've purchased throughout December. I've been using them as well and all so far so amazing.

I'm slightly getting addicted and in love with Real Techniques brushes, I bought the eye shading and the retractable kabuki and bronzer brushes. They are a little pricey (not compared to some others) but I cannot fault any of them that I've bought so far could even say they are the best I've ever used. 

A friend recommended Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to clear and clean your skin. Honestly I was a little skeptical with buying this and didn't really see why but how wrong was I!! I've now been using it for a couple weeks and well my face has cleared up even more and I'm not breaking out so much. 

When I stayed in London for New Years Eve I wanted to get a new eye shadow but I prefer neutral tones like beiges and browns, I didn't have time to go to Oxford Street or a shopping centre so I had to quickly run in Boots and found this Revlon set in Addictive and picked up a Face Illuminator in Peach. I had used both of them when I had gone out and loved the look they had given. 

Vaseline had brought out a new edition 'Queen Bee' when it comes to their limited editions I do like to purchase and try them so as per usual I have a stash of Vaselines because they last so long! This one scent is honeylicious which the smell isn't strong but it's still nice. 

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