Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dorothy Perkins Sale!!

So if you haven't seen already Dorothy Perkins have a brilliant summer sale going on. There are so many things I want that I know I shouldn't buy! Last week I made a cheeky purchased, I did have to limit myself to what I wanted to purchase and actually what I needed. Dorothy Perkins unfortunately don't have a wide range of plus sizes as they only go up to a size 22 but I find some of their clothes very generous in size and I sometimes think I should have maybe purchased some things in a smaller size but then I think I like the look where clothes just fall over you. They do the most comfortable stretch skinny trousers and I would recommend them to anyone, ideal for work and weekends.

Here is some of my favourites including what I bought of course...

This has to be my favourite! This is actually a duster jacket but also could be worn as a dress just need to add a couple safety pins at the top and bottom and a skinny belt and perfect and its a bargain at £13.50.
Recently I been wanting a pair of white jeans/jeggings, I'm a little scared cause they are WHITE lol.
Yes this is a dark skirt but it is something you can keep and wear into next season, pair with a white shirt, pair of tights flat shoes or heels depending the occasion.

Release your inner Kardashian with this khaki tube skirt.
The colour of this dress is stunning perfect for day time.
I love a blazer, I have one exactly like this one in black, so versatile for any occasion.

These mono trousers look so gorgeous and would so be ideal on a night out with the girls!
I have these trousers in black and where them for work they are super comfortable and they are only £7!

You can get some really good bargain still so go check it out!!
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