Monday, 16 March 2015

Beauty buys of February

I am so sorry this is like super late, I've been tired, busy and in London but I'm back! I had bought a few things that are not normally products I'd buy, I think its mainly because I'm trying to use different things and try other ways to manage my combination skin and look after it more. I've had so many spots in the past and still get them so I'm left with the after math of the red marks which my mum says they are not there but I know they are. I'm currently reading Sali Hughes "Pretty Honest" book and so far this has actually helped and educated me more in the world of beauty products from what foundation is best to use to hair removal! I'm still yet to finish the book but once I do it will certainly be something I will keep on my desk to hand if I ever need a little advice on something. Some of the below are not out of the norm for me but they are a different brand or something completely new to my daily regime, which when I have it perfectly sorted I will post but at the moment I 'm still in trial and error mode lol.

Real Techniques Finish Brush and Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
I've often seen finish brushes being used a lot on tutorials as well as the beauty blenders (currently using Real Techniques complexion sponge, slightly damp) and they look like they give a better finish to a foundation/concealer base. I was dying to try the finishing/expert face brush and tried it with the Maybelline age rewind concealer (in light) which again I've seen this being used but more as a highlighter. I found this brush really good at blending the product and its not as thick as some tutorials make it out to be and it didn't leave any lines or anything so I am very impressed and will continue to use it. I used it under my eyes in a triangle like shape as if you are contouring, the good thing with this it doesn't cover up my freckles completely so I still have a natural look but it covers enough for my liking. I'm yet to find a darker shade product too go along with this to contour, if anyone can recommend one, I would appreciate it just comment below or tweet me :) 

L'Oreal Magique Lip Liner and Soap & Glory Super Cat Eyeliner
Ahhh lip liner, I am terrible with this I can never find the right colour to go with the actual lipstick (and applying is another thing lol) randomly one day of searching on line I came across this clear lip liner I was amazed to think such product existed and thought this could be the end of the troubles lol. I had tried the L'Oreal Le Lip Liner a couple times but only when I have used a nude colour lipstick, I really need to try it with a more colour lipstick to really test this. Now this eyeliner, now and again I think I will try something different with my eyes other then mascara and I do like when I have the eyeliner on it makes me look a little different but getting it right is another story. So when I see the S&G Super Cat Eyeliner it looked easy to use and its a perfect carbon black. I've found it quite easy to use just need more practice to make it even easier!!

Soap & Glory Facial Wash, Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes and Botanics Organic Cleanser
Reading blog posts and Pretty Honest it becomes quite clear how to look after your face and what products to use and cleaners are major part of taking make up off and in the morning a good face wash (not one of those foaming faces washes either, which I was quite shocked to read about). When I'm working I do not tend to wear make up (purely because I cannot be bothered to get up earlier to put it all on) but when I do I just normally take it off with a baby wipe and I know a lot of people who do this as well but I've used the Botanics organic cleanser the past couple weeks and must say it does help and moisturises my skin as well as remove the make up, it does take a bi to remove eye make up but I does go eventually. In the mornings I'm now using S&G facial wash, it has the tiny little beads in it but the main things is after use it doesn't feel like my face has been completely stripped of its natural oils and leaves it soft. When in Boots purchasing everything skin care was on offer 3for2 so I got these Yes to Cucumber facial towelettes and maybe thought I would try something different may be handy on the go. I haven't yet tried them but they seem to be thick and smell fresh. I will let ya know later on how I get on with them.

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