Saturday, 24 January 2015

Swing Dresses from Amazon

Recently I purchased a couple swing dresses from, I was a little sceptical on buying them and wondered what the material would be like, if they would even fit how they should and would they even be long enough.
For how much they were I thought to myself just do it you never know until you buy them and you can always return them. I already own a black swing dress (from Pink Clove) but they didn't have a dark red/burgundy or grey one I would of preferred. I had ordered them last Monday so I wasn't expecting them at least till the end of the week if not the next but shockingly they had arrived on the Wednesday so I was super pleased with the delivery. I opened them and firstly felt them and I was amazed for around £5 each of how nice the quality is, then I looked at the length this is where I was a little disappointed as they were a bit shorter then expected. I tried them on and they were ore like a tunic/long line top then a dress but hey I couldn't really moan too much 2 out of 3 is not bad coming from an Amazon store. They were very comfortable and fit just like a swing dress should and they sleeves are long enough which is a bonus in this weather (I love a long sleeve!) . I may just be going back to the 4Square store see what other colours they do !
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