Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What's your favourite style of bra?

Last week Simply Be posted Bra-Humbug and What Bra Styles From The Past Are Back In Fashion? They really got me thinking about how I feel about bra shopping, not very satisfying I know a lot of you will agree with me and as fashion does certain styles come back around (like the 70’s).

Now if you have a bigger bust you will be with me and agree that shopping for bras is not very on the top of your shopping list. Years ago there would be limited styles for us slightly bigger busted girls, (quite pricey too!) they would look frumpy and you wouldn't feel sexy at all but now oh my how things have changed. There are so many companies (including ones on the high street) that now cater for all of our shapes and sizes and they are looking very gorgeous, from Marks and Spencer's, Curvy Kate, Anne Summers, Debenhams and of course Simply Be. Also they are no longer overly expensive I have bought some for £14 which to me is such a bargain! They have all come a long way with offering appealing styles like balcony/balconette, strapless and if you want to show a bit there’s plunge and being designed gorgeously.  

Looking back over the last 100 or so years when the brassieres (or as we now know bras) became more popular and the different styles were being made, some are making a return with a modern twist but some have stayed in the past (which is where some belong, sorry Madonna the bullet bra has not made this list!)

Did you know the word Brassiere was first entered into the Oxford dictionary 1911 

The corset 1500s
I do not think this style will ever go out of fashion. You can still get the original in more specialised places that are dedicated to making the traditional corset. Some have even been changed slightly and been made to be used for waist training or has been changed more into social media craze the waist trainer. Wearing a corset gives you the hour glass curves or if you have them already it enhances them and I think having that hour glass figure makes you feel fabulous. I’m yet to try a corset or waist trainer but I am currently on the lookout for one because I’ve seen so many females that look stunning.  

The high waisted and longline 1940/50s  
Now this has got to be one of my favourite style returns, I love a highwaisted and a long line set of underwear, I think with the right pair it draws more attention to your waist. You don’t get no “muffin” top like you would with some underwear and being that they are high waisted some even have a bit of control included which can give you that silhouette shape and smooth you out. Having a bra that is long line I find the underwire doesn't dig in so much and make it uncomfortable as some other ones on the market do. The only thing that I wasn't so keen on was the pointy cups they had but now with its modern twist they are perfect. 

This is possible one of the more recent fashion items, the bralette. Unfortunately this garment is not suitable for anyone who has a slightly bigger bust or needs support. There is so many pretty designs around it’s just such a shame they are marketed at just a small group of females but fashion is forever changing who knows what the future holds.
Push up/plunge 
Last but not least the push/plunge bra, now these have to be my favourite not because of what they do (well sometimes) but I find them comfortable. I don't feel like my boobs are pressed against me and that I’m suffocating. At the end of the day no matter which bra you like you have to feel comfortable and you can wear with pretty much anything. This to me will always be in fashion, you got to show a little cleavage now and again (why not!)

Well I hope you enjoyed the post! Merry Christmas everyone and have a lovely new year 
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