Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Birthday!!!

It was my birthday on Sunday so since I finished work at 12 Thursday I had literally not stopped until Sunday/Monday. As me and my best friend Sharna do we celebrate our birthdays for the whole weekend sometime even two weekends because our birthdays are 5 days apart and its become a tradition we do something together.

So when I finished work Thursday, I straight away went into the town centre and got my hair cut, it desperately needed a trim and my non existent fringe cutting back in. So with my hair cut I went for a browse but surprisingly I could not find anything I liked, I just left and headed home. Later in the evening I decided I was going London for the night as I do.
I woke up Friday thinking I would do a bit of brief shopping in London before I leave mainly because I was going out in Ipswich that night and it was my birthday weekend I wanted something new. Disappointingly I could not find anything and what I did see I knew I would be able to buy in Ipswich. I went home sad and hungry lol. When it came to choosing an outfit for the night that was stress, I knew Sharna was coming round for pre drinks but I was in a panic as nothing was going right for me, my hair was taking forever and my make up (don't go there). She came with a bottle of wine luckily by this point I had minimal but my going out make up done just needed her opinion on the outfit which I went for all black (that's totally not like me lol). We had a good night seeing loads of people who we don't see so much any more. All in all it was a good night.

Dress : High neck sleeveless Asos Curve
Jacket : Longline 3/4 sleeve Primark
Shoes : Open toe fringe Carvela
Ahh Saturday this was the main night out purely because I had a sexy dress to wear and it would go into my birthday. Me and Sharna weren't feeling the greatest when we woke we was a bit naughty and ordered Dominos but we only wanted the sides no pizza lol. We are and got ready and quickly run into town because I wanted a pair of strappy heeled shoes that were not sky high and a ridiculous thin heel. We failed. We left town with earrings. We had gone back to mine and started getting ready but I also had to help my dad prepare some food as my Granddad and Auntie came round for dinner (which was a very late dinner in the end). When all of that was over I finished off getting ready and off we went. Few drinks in and next thing you know it was past midnight and was officially my birthday!! I had such a good night with Sharna, Sandra, Georgia and everyone else who was out.

Dress : Zoe wrap dress Boohoo Plus
Shoes : Open toe fringe Carvela

Sharna and Me
MY BIRTDAY!!! Sunday I woke up and ate, my Nan and Granddad popped over for a little bit then I went back to bed for a few hours. Sharna messaged me and said she would be popping round so she did we had talks about the last couple weeks and how much jokes we have had and how we won't be going out for a while. We ordered some food (this was kind of healthy) and watched a film and that was how I spent my birthday week/end.
This year hasn't been crazy like some have been but I still had just as much fun as I always do. Thanks to everyone who was out and wished me a happy birthday!! Will be planning something for next year soon!!
*Apologies for the writing underneath the pictures and the pictures themselves they will not stay in the centre no mater what I do!*
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