Thursday, 7 July 2016

Beyoncé's Formation World Tour

What a weekend, me and a friend of mine were lucky enough to get tickets for Beyoncé's Formation World Tour for the 2nd July show, we bought them back in February which now seems like such a long time ago. Before we knew it was like 3 weeks away (where I started looking for an outfit), then 2 weeks (waiting for things to be delivered), then 1 week (buying last minute things) and then it was the day!
(My other friend had also been on the Sunday and got this close up shot of her on the left, JEALOUS much!)

This was my first ever concert so what better way to start then with Beyoncé, it was just absolutely amazing! We had seats to the side of the stage and on the top teir but not right up the top, if we went any higher I think I would of passed out as I really don't like heights. Dj Magnum had done a set before it started and if I'm honest I had no idea who he was and I did not really go much his set, I was happy listening to the music they were playing generally throughout the stadium but half way through they cut him off and Tinnie Tempah came on stage and performing Mamacita and Girls like, he even got Zara Larsson on as well! We was not expecting that at all. Beyoncé came on and WOW! She performed new songs from her album and previous ones including my fav Diva, she even had Skepta's beat in between songs and done a dance to it, Beyoncé likes a bit Grime?! At the end she performed Freedom and done it th same way it was done on BET Awards minus Kendrick Lamar. After you just sort of sit back (as we waited for a majority of people to leave) and cannot beleive what you have just seen. The whole performance was just amazing, shes a brilliant performer, no one can ever say she don't put on a good show! I would definetely go again!
As I previously said I started looking for outfit to wear I know I had to find something that would be comfortable as we would be there for a while and didn't want to be uncomfortable especially knowing there would be some standing around at the end of the night. I opted for my new found love of Primark high waisted jeans in white (yes I know it was a little risky but who cares), if you have a pair of these already you will know they are so comfortable! The block colour top is from RI Plus, originally bought this in two sizes as I didn't know which one would fit better but as it turns out I ended up returning the bigger size, it falls generously over your body and doesn't cling anywhere. The bomber jacket is from New Look's tall collection, I wanted a little more length in it withhout going for the longline one and trainers are the Nike Roche Breathe in olive, they are currently on sale so have a look!! Oh and you cant see but the bag I used was RI's bucket handbag which is a cross body one too so ideal, it got everything I needed in including my big Ted Baker purse.

Has anyone else been to see Beyoncé whilst she has been in the UK on the Formation Tour?
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