Monday, 18 July 2016

Want to try some Benefit's brow products??

Recently Benefit had re launched their brow range and brought a couple more items out, they have changed the packaging to all silver it is really nice but personally I would have preferred it in gold or rose gold I just love when any make up products have either of these colours involved. You may of had a look at some of the products before and thought they are a little bit highly priced the amount of product you get or you're wondering what the hype is all about. Don't get me wrong I will spend money on make up products but I do research to make sure what I'm spending my money on is worth it. I do own two of Benefit's brow products which are Browzing and Gimme brow (which I got free when I had an brow wax), I don't use the Browzing so much these days and it's slightly annoying that I don't but I can never be bothered to do my brows fully or a more intense look. Gimme Brow is perfect if you have some unruly hairs that you just want to tame with a little bit of colour, my mum even loves it!!

If you're looking to try out Benefit brow products check out Marie Claire and Glamour magazines asap! They have mini samples of Gimme Brow and Ready Set Brow.
Ready Set Brow is a clear gel which can be used on its own or along with other brow products.
I will say if you're looking for Gimme Brow which is the tinted brow gel, it states it comes in two shades the numbers are on the top of the sample box inside and number 5 is the darker one, me and a friend had to sneakily open one up because we could not find on the magazine or packaging what the shades were!
They are perfect trial/travel size products.. So what are you waiting for go buy a magazine before they all sell out!!
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