Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My first time on radio!

If you have me on Watsapp, Instagram or Twitter you will know last Friday I was on Real Talk with Sharna, as Shonola was away last week. They have a show on every friday at 9pm for an hour, honestly they need a longer slot, each week a different genre of music is played and there is talks on anything inbetween. I will always listen as much as I can gotta show some love and support to my girls.

We had a bit of fun on Snapchat

Now I've never ever done anything like this before I was really nervous I'm quite a shy person when it comes to anything like that, I hate the watching any videos and hearing the sound of my own voice. Sharna got everything set up (I had no idea what to do) and it was a bit of a waiting game we had like 10 minutes to spare. We both sent out the link to everyone we could think of and once we got started we was receving some messages from various members of family and friends commenting and requesting shout outs. I have to say I don't think me and Sharna laughed so much especially because my dad was messaging me and it was just funny. I kept saying to Sharna off air I can't take this no more LOL. We had a laugh and it was something different and who knows I may return in the future.

If you want to listen back to Friday's show click here and make sure in the from now on every Friday at 9pm you listen in either via the website or search IO RADIO on the TuneIn app and if you want to keep up to date with the girls check out their Instagram account HerMelaninSlays


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