Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My recent beauty haul

The last few weeks have been a little busy for me with a few things going on and not being in Ipswich over the weekends, I've finally got some time to show you what make up I've bought recently. I had intentions of just buying one new mac lipstick and their Soft and Gentle highlighter whilst I was in London but that kind of didn't go to plan. I've found my new favourite lipstick and discovered NYX and Ben Nye (late I know but better late then never at all).

NYX tea tree blotting papers
I've read quite a few things about these over the years and was never really too sure about them but I decided as I was on a little spending spree in Boots why not. I will try them soon when I'm having a casual day and a make up day to see if they are worth stocking up on in the future. They don't have the tea tree ones avaible online at boots but they do have the matte ones, see here.

NYX dewy finish spray
I'm not entirely too sure why I bought this finishing spray considering I have combination skin and in places this will make my face just overly oily but my skin is not as oily as it used to be which is such a good thing so maybe this will work (I will let you know). The look of dewy skin can look lovely in the right setting for example I would not be wanting dewy skin in the height of winter to me it's more spring and summer look.

Sleek cream contour kit
This I actually purchased in Ipswich, do you understand how excited I was to see that they actually sell Sleek in Boots in Ipswich, lol I was so excited I had to send a snap to Sharna and she had the same reaction I did. Anyway I purchased this in medium and when I used it the application was so easy, I was curious as it's a cream and not a powder would it be more difficult to apply as I used to use Benefits Playstick before and that was abit tougher to blend. I used the darker shade (bottom right) and the lightest (top left), they blended so well. They are perfect if you're just starting contouring.

NYX Illuminator
As Mac sold out of the Soft and Gentle I was on the hunt for another highlighter, I came across this one in 01 Narcissistic and it is different colour to the Mac one but I thought I would try it until I get hold of the other one. I think this is going to my my go to highlighter from now on as when its applied it gives that beautiful glow, you can have it subtle or you can blind some b*tches (as Sharna said to me LOL).

Ben Nye banana powder
Where has this powder been all my life! If you are looking for something to hold your make up in place (especially t-zone area) or you new to the 'baking' technique, this is your product! I just applied it to my beauty blender and put under my eyes and my t-zone, let it set in for a bit and blended with a powder brush. My make up stayed in place all night!!

NYX baked blush, illuminator and bronzer
The packing of this blush is so cute, it has a little bow on it and I couldn't resist it. What attracted me was that the shimmer (shade is Chiffon) was not too in your face and ideal for them days when you just want a little colour but not too much. The only downfall to this product it you need a dense brush to pick up the product as I tried it with RT blush brush and it didn't go very well I felt like I was applying it for ever.

Mac matte lipticks
Who dosen't love a Mac lipstick, I actually love them and want more! I didn't know where to start when I got in the store so I just started randomly picking up darker nudes and browns and as you can imagine my hand was covered! I had an idea of a colour I wanted in mind which was it looks almost light grey but with brown and purple but I know if i tried to describe it to someone they would look at me like im crazy but I found exactly what I was looking for, it's called Stone. I know you are most likely thinking that does not match but I know what I mean't lol. I did pick up another nude which is Taupe and its a lovely day time or could even be worn for evening if you're doing a dramatic eye make up. 
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