Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Shopping in Westfields

Last weekend we decided to stop by Westfields on Sunday on our way home from seeing Beyoncé on the Saturday. First thing we did though was have a cheeky Nandos, it had to be done (and we kind of skipped breakfast so we was hungry). Pretty much every shop we had gone into had a extra long queue, I have no idea why but everyone thought it would be a good idea to go shopping at that point. I did ideally want to pick up a few things mainly tops, as I seem to have enough jeans, skirts, trousers and leggins and I'm starting to think of late that I'm struggling to find tops in my wardrobe or I find myself wearing the same things on the weekends. There is not many (if any) stores that have plus size clothes in Westfields in Stratford but at the moment where I am loosing weight I am starting to find myself being able to shop in some of the "normal" high street stores which is a good thing and personally it makes me happy. I will never be skinny, partially because that's not how I am built and who wants to be skinny, like common really? 

Stripes appear to be everywhere all of a sudden or isit just me? I picked up the top on the left which is perfect for weekends and work (may hold back on wearing it for work at the moment). It's like a vest top with thick straps so none of this bra showing business, I have a few of these in different colours and they are so handy to have and go with most things. I got this in my normal size and fits perfect, not tight anywhere and dosen't pull anywhere when you move. The one on the right is a shirt dress, now this one was in the sale and at a bargain of £12, couldn't really not buy it to be honest. They only had it available in two sizes bigger then my normal size but I tried it on to see if it would look too big and no shape to it. Well how wrong was I, it fitted just how I wanted it to fit, not tight just falls nicely. I had actually worn this over the weekend over the top of a midi dress undone and the belt loosley tied. It's a versatile item, I could even wear this in the winter with a long sleeved top and leggins underneath. They don't seem to have the colour I purchased on line but they still have it in black and white, see here.

I had to visit Victoria Secrets whilst I was passing by, I bought a couple more of my favorite body mists, Amber Romance and Pure Seduction. If you have read my previous posts when I've bought these you will know they have deals on these but they have changed you can get 2 things in the VS Fantasies range for £18 or 3 for £24. It's not as good as they used to be but its still good, they last so long, I proberly don't need any for a year maybe? Also if you're not near a store some are available in Superdrug and The Perfume Shop. I also picked up a new phone case another bargain, it was suppose to be £20 but I got it for £5!! It's one of them silicone ones and its easy to get on and off and of course its pink and gold and leopard print.

Now it wouldn't be shopping if I didn't buy any make up. I found out that NYX is stocked in the Boots store and I literally smiled to myself as I could see they had a bigger selection than the one in Liverpool Street. I wanted some new eyeshadow but neutral colours, more browns and some golden shimmer style ones, so I picked up this set in DCP02 Dusk Til Dawn. I also picked up a single eyeshadow in HS26 Suede which I think I will use as a base to apply colour. With the odd day of summer popping up on us now and again I picked up their matte setting spray which Sharna had recommended to me and highly rated it. I will most likely be doing a review on this soon, so keep an eye out!

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