Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My new Zara bag

So in my last post I did say I was eyeing up a faux fur finish bag from Zara, the style has been around for some time now and they have different prints/textures. I first see this possibly about a year ago and I loved it straight away but I never bought it but every so often I'd think about it because there has been occasions where I could of used it instead of taking my big bag.

I was naughty last week instead of just waiting till I next done some shopping in London I ordered it online, standard postage was free for orders over £50 I think which I qualified for this as the bag was £79.99. It's described as a crossbody bag but I struggle to believe as the strap is simply not long enough for anyone. I ordered it the Monday and it arrived the Thursday, I wasn't greatly impressed with the order/delivery service as it said processing for 3 of the days and the only way you could contact them was via social media or calling which is a little strange they don't have an email service? This may be because I'm used to Asos next day delivery or even Boohoo as they have a good delivery service. When it arrived I was soo excited, came in a brown box with a quote on it "Our boxes are made of boxes with a past #recycle", it was wrapped in pink tissue paper and then in a dust bag which is ideal for when I'm not using it. There is two lengths the strap can be used, either one long strap or two shorter ones. It's quite heavy with the metal strap and without anything in it does tend to lean a bit but I know when I put stuff in it won't. There's two compartments (three if you want to include the little pouch at the back) and you can get quite a bit in it. I may do a video soon of what I can get in the bag, so keep an eye out!

Have you got any bags you are eyeing up ?

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