Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Westfields mini shopping haul

So I done some shopping last time I was in London, not a massive shop but I picked up a few things from Westfield's Stratford. Every so often when I'm in the city I will pick up a few things mainly to do with make up as living in Ipswich we don't have brands like Mac, NYX or Nars so I often find myself at a make up counter in one of the department stores or getting my make up done in Mac. Not everything I bought was for me or things I needed but why not treat yourself now and again!

I will most likely go on another mini shopping haul more around clothes but I think another bag purchase will be on the horizon, I've been eyeing a bag from Zara and I now realty want it..

So let's start with the bags, if you don't know already I have a slight addiction to buying bags lol. I wanted a new clutch/going out bag as I always use my trusty black one but I didn't want a small one, I'm someone who will carry everything I need even on a night out including my portable charger so when I see this one from rose gold one from River Island I instantly fell in love with it, it's so spacious and did I mention its rose gold?! Whilst I was there I picked up the drop it like a squat tote bag it came in really handy when I was shopping and saved me buying plastic bags from stores. Now there is a Disney Frozen bag, yes I like the film but this was a present for my niece, she watches Frozen at least once a day I couldn't resist but to buy this for her.

The whole reason I went to the Disney store was to buy this super cute water bottle for my work mum, she has the Tinkerbell one already and wanted another one and I may have bought one for myself, it was too cute. I think I love it cause it's pink and the fact it's Disney!!

A couple of months ago I bought the MAC Minzeralize Skin Finish in Light Plus (which this shade was recommended by the make up artist), now this shade is quite a light shade and is perfect over the top of a under eye concealer or any areas you want to set but I wanted something to give me a little colour as my foundation is a bit darker than this so I spoke to someone via their online chat one day and they said for what I want to try this in medium plus. The highlighter along side this is from Topshop in ,(couldn't find it on the website) it's very pigmented and if I'm honest a lot better then what I thought it would be when I put some on my hand, definitely one to use when going out when you want that GLOW!

I love the idea of wearing eye shadow and I'm still new to it, I've tried a couple looks with my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but sometimes I find I want different colours. So I picked this NYX eye shadow palette in warm neutrals, as you can see I've used it already and I love the colours, I think what attracted me to this is the red tones which I've seen some looks on line which I want to try with these colours.
Along with the palette I bought a new eye shading brush, this is to apply the base as I have a blending brush I just struggle to find a brush that transfers the product to your eye without it sticking to the brush, if you can recommend one please comment below! I haven't really used this to give a full review on it but when I have more of an opinion I will share my thoughts.

I picked this cute set of earrings up from Accessorize as surprisingly I lack just a simple little earing. The studs are perfect but unfortunately the hoops are a no no, I tried for ages till be ear went red trying to put one in, they are definitely suited for people with TINY ears.

Ooh one of my fav purchases, I wanted a lip liner to go with my Velvet Teddy and as I wanted more of brown finish I was recommended this liner in Spice. The formula's for MAC's liners I find are brilliant, they stay in place and don't feather just amazing.


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