Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lip care

Today I wanted to share what lip products I use on a daily basis and some I love and some I've tried and tested but are not my favourites. Using lip products throughout the day I think is very important, they stop your lips from being dry, cracked and sore which there is nothing worse then when they feel like this and they don't look great either.

In the morning as I wake up and before I go bed I always apply Vaseline, I think the one by my bed at the moment is the aloe vera one and throughout the day I sometimes have a choice, always another Vaseline but then maybe a carmex one. I honestly cannot leave my house without some lip product or something, I feel lost without it.

If I know I'm going out and will be wearing a lipstick that can be drying I try to use Lush's lip scrub in bubble-gum (smells and tastes delicious lol), it has jojoba oil which is super moisturising, before I apply it. After I've taken off the lipstick I tend to use something which is a bit thicker to put the moisture back in.

Carmex - My mum introduced me to Carmex, as she is a career she needs to use something that you can apply straight from the tube and not something in a pot, there is a slight tingle with it to begin with but after a few seconds it goes. They are very nourishing and I can say I will continue to use them. The one in the little pot smells almost like beeswax and applies very smoothly and I find this one always sorts out any dry parts.
Dr Paw Paw - this is a multi use balm (in original clear) can be used for lips and pretty much can be used for most things: tame eyebrows, moisturise parts of your body so it's not purely just a one use only, it is ideal if your someone who doesn't want to use all different products. I've only used it on my lips it's not thick and its not thin, it's in between but certainly does what it says.
Hawaiian Tropic Lipgloss - I think this one is ideal especially when your away on holiday or even for those hot days in the UK as it has SPF25 in it. I have it in Island Berry and the smell helps reminds you of summer, it applies nicely and has a nice sheen to it also a bonus it's non sticky!

EOS - The only reason I had purchased a few of these as egg like balm I see Kim Kardashian using them on one of the KUWTK episodes and wanted to try it. They come in different flavours and are good but I found after using these continuously for months it didn't moisturise my lips like it did to start with possibly I got too used to it? I still use them occasionally but not as much. They are a little pricey in the UK but I often ordered these on Amazon.
Royal Apothic - This was sent in one of my Glossy Boxes, I wondered what it was at first but it's a Tinties lip butter in Coral, it's packaging is cute but there it's fiddly because it is small and if your using this everyday it wont last long. It has a slight 'tint' to it and is nice but this is not something I would go and buy full price for.
Anatomicals - The name of this had me intrigued (Snog Me Senseless) so I had to buy it, I'm not sure how a guy would feel if they kissed you and felt a tingle feeling? It reminded me of the lip gloss Benefit brought out years ago as it tingled as soon as you put it on, it gave a fresh feeling. It was thick but not too thick, a little goes a long way with this.

Malin + Goetz - I got this sample lip moisturiser free in a magazine, its perfect travel size, it's a bit of a thin texture and it does need applying several times throughout the day but if you only want something light this is ideal.
Balance Me - Again I got this tinted lip salve from a magazine (who dosent love a freebie lol), I do really like this it is more of a gloss then a balm with a  tint and great if you want to add a little colour without putting lipstick on, I would advise to try keep this out of direct sun as it gets a little runnier and you can see the oil separation a little.
Lollipops - Sweet smell of vanilla, something about this DĂ©licieuse just reminds me of sweet cakes and pastries. It's a thick consistency and is very nourishing and has several oil to help chapped lips.

Vaseline - Who doesn't or hasn't used Vaseline before? They have their standard range: original, aloe vera, rosy lips and cocoa butter but also every year or so they bring out a limited edition one, the last one was a Lulu Guiness design which is super cute, it has the original product inside but there has been some which have been tinted or have a scent. This is always something that it with me at all times, to me it does exactly what I need it to do.
Kind Nature - My current love it this coconut oil lip balm, a little goes a long way I find with this, it's a medium consistency and every time I apply it, it's super nourishing. It says it can be used underneath lipstick but you would really need to apply a super thin layer of it otherwise the lipstick wouldn't apply properly (depending the finish). Will definitely be buying this again!

Is it more or was there a lot of products there?!

What are your favourite products? Haven you tried any of the above?

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