Sunday, 4 June 2017

Weekend in Manchester

A couple of weeks ago me and some of the girls went to Manchester to surprise Naquelle. She moved up there a couple of years ago or so and we hadn't all yet made a trip there for a girls weekend. We had a group chat with all of us and it was discussed of doing something towards the end of May as it was Naquelle's and Shonola's birthdays (both are very close) and there was talks of going Manchester but it didn't really go any further, little did Naquelle know we had created a separate group chat and decided we would go down for the weekend and surprise her. The main group chat things would be mentioned again about doing something even going London but none of us really responded to it, it was all an act, an act we all played our parts very well, Natalie's sarcasm just comes naturally. We would go back to the "secret" group and discuss things we should say and have reasons if we couldn't do that weekend. We had Naquelle's boyfriend involved (thanks to Sharna and Shonola) and he was in on it all making sure she had time off work, she had no idea. 
It came to the Friday and this was the day. There was a major surprise for Naquelle as her boyfriend had proposed to her in the morning! How cute, romantic, sweet, perfect, I could go on but you get what I'm trying to say. Sharna drove down and we did have some jokes along the way, we got stuck in traffic and someone spotted a good looking guy in the car behind so we made a sign on tissue (don't worry we didn't ruin a lipstick we had a pen lol) I think it said "we think your buff", me and Natalie held it up so he could see it and well we made his day, he was smiling and giggling slightly lol. Sharna is the sign still in your car?! So a few hours later we arrived, it was time to surprise her even more so we ran in her house screaming with balloons and party poppers. The facial expression was priceless she had absolutely no idea we was coming at all. It was safe to say we planned a surprise and no one or nothing gave it away. We done it!

After the initial shock of we actually made it and pulled it off we chilled on the Friday night with some drinks (thank you Leon cocktails were amazing!) and had a catch up, talking about the past and things we have all done, you couldn't ask for better company. Naquelle and Leon made us all feel so welcome, I'm not sure how he actually coped as there was now 5 women in the house and he was the only guy for part of the weekend. Saturday we went and done some shopping in the city centre and Trafford Centre and got something to eat and then it was time to get ready for Saturday night. Five girls trying to get ready, we done it but we didn't make it in time to go for drinks before the club, well you can't rush perfection can you?! We had played a couple drinking games and well I'm not saying no more on that. We all had a good night Saturday and Sunday was the day of chill, we all decided to go to a Chinese buffet called TOPS, I think it's what we all needed after the night before and after that we went to a Shisha Bar Purple's and it happened to be their opening night. The settings were very relaxed people were so friendly and they definitely looked after you. It was a nice way to end the weekend. Then Monday came it was time to go back home.

The whole weekend (well extended weekend) was just brilliant.

If you have me on Snapchat you would have seen how crazy the weekend was.

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