Monday, 15 May 2017

Primark Highlight & Glow kit

One of the girls I work with actually found this Highlight and Glow Kit on line one day and I was super shocked that Primark have brought out a highlight & glow palette, we was both like we have to get our hands on this and see if it's any good. Primark have really stepped up their game within the beauty world, selling more than affordable products and are great if your just starting out buying make up. They have a broad range of products from eyelashes to tanning products and everything in between.  I have one of their PS Pro matte primers which was sent in a GlossyBox, I love it for every day use but do you think I can find it anywhere?!

I was just browsing in my local Primark and I thought I would check out the make up section and see if they actually stocked in and to my amazement they did picked it up straight away and made sure no one had opened it and put their fingers in it and made a mess of it! I couldn't wait to get home and swatch it. The packing of this is great, you know what it is straight away. Inside there is 4 decent sized pans, all of them are different colours, no two are similar which to me is a good thing as they have given options and will be suitable for most skin tones. There is a little picture on the insides of where the highlighter should be placed on your face along with the colours and names down the side. 

I think personally my only downfall to this is there is no mirror inside but this is something very minor, and personal preference, as for the price of only £4 you can't expect it to have everything you want in it. As you can see below the 4 colours swatched.
Sunbeam - this is more of white/champagne one.
Siesta - I find this to be a light rose gold which would be ideal if you want it a more subtle glow.
Sundown - I'm not yet sure how I would describe this one, it's like a gold colour but has a tinge of orange? Or is that just me?
Pool Party - Now this is more of your bronze highlight and would be perfect if you want that bronze glow but I think you may have to be careful how much is applied with this one it looks like it could leave your skin looking a little muddy.

L-R Sunbeam, Siesta, Sundown and Pool Party

Have you tried this or any other products from Primark's beauty range?

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