Sunday, 9 April 2017

Weekend with my family

How beautiful has the weekend been?! The sun has been out but not too warm, just lovely. I think almost everyone has now come out of the winter hibernation. I'm just hoping that the bank holiday next weekend is just as nice too!

I was supposed to go London Friday after work and spend the weekend but after a long and busy week I didn't make it and I stayed in Ipswich. Friday evening I popped into town and met up with some people from work for drinks, I didn't have a heavy night of drinking but it was a late one, there was some crazy snaps going around.

I did have a cheeky lay in on Saturday but I was determined not to waste a lovely day being sat indoors watching the TV so I messaged my cousins girlfriend to see if she wanted to take the babe down to Felixstowe for the afternoon, go in the arcades and on the beach. We made our way down there, there was a few people around but it wasn't crazy busy. We had a good day and we became a bit determined to get all the little toys in the 2p machines and we pretty much did so the babe did leave with a few things and each time we got something her face lit up and she was so happy. We did get something to eat and then went along the beach a little.

Ahh Sunday, I done the normal and went food shopping with my mum, not a good idea to go food shopping when you're hungry and had no breakfast! My auntie invited me round for dinner as she often does when she's not working on the weekend. Until I changed my job (wow it's been nearly a year since I started!) I worked every Sunday so I missed out on a lot of the family dinners but now I don't and I get to see my family more often which is always good. We always have a laugh, have really random conversations, music is playing and good food. What more could you want?

Did you get up to anything nice this weekend?

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