Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Soo would you believe it or not this was my first Anastasia Beverly Hills purchase ever! Where have I been, hiding under a rock?! I've often heard good things about ABH and their products but I think I was put of ordering as I wanted to actually see the products first and not to be disappointed as some of the products are not cheap also I'm a little cautious of ordering make up on line unless I've bought it before due to the colour swatches you can never really quite tell.

One of the girls at work shares my love for good make up and she had seen ABH's up and coming new release of the Nicole Guerriero glow kit immediately she tagged me in the post and I fell in love. We had to have it and as soon as it was released we ordered, we found it on Sephora and despite free shipping they wanted to charge something like £20 maybe more on shipping and then we didn't know if we would get charged for customs so we waited a couple more days and went directly to their website and ordered and it arrived within a week. I'm not entirely too sure if it is still available but if you have the option to buy one, do it! -- I was like a kid in a candy stores when I first opened it, it comes in this pretty pink packaging, I honestly thought it may have a mirror on the inside but this it's nothing major. There is 6 beautiful shades:

Kitty Kat - A light pink but has the platinum glow, it looks a bit understated in the pan but believe apply only a little at a time.
Forever Young - Another pink shade but this is different, it has more of a silver glow.
Day Dream - This is described as a coral toned, I thnk its the most subtle one of them all but I suppose you can make it more intense by applying with a damp brush or layer with another one.
Forever Lit - I haven't yet tried this one out, I'm a little scared as it is so light but I think this is something perfect to use on the inner corner of your eyes when you want your eye shadow to stand out more.
Glo Getter - This is a champagne with a rose tone, it has a subtle hint of rose I find but still gorgeous.
143 - My favourite of them all, the rose gold with but this has a bronze tint to it, will be perfect in summer, highlight will be poppin!

I haven't yet used them all but so far the main ones I am going for are Forever Young and 143. Just look at them glow... like POW !
L-R Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Day Dream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter and 143

As my first ABH purchase this certainly won't be my last and I would definitely recommend this if you can get your hands on it !!

Have you tried any ABH products? Would you recommend any?

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